Oh hey there!

    Hi FP Community, 

    Wow it's been a solid few months hey since I've been over here have you missed me? 

    Gosh where do I start.... Over here in South Africa we back to chaos with COVID-19 as the Delta Variant hit shores and we currently on 3rd Wave lockdown Level 4, there is a huge spike in infections . 

    How I'm I feeling? Well my head seem all over the place again what can you do. I think everyone is just going into a slump again as we see how hard the effect of covid has on many aspects of life. So for us here in SA it looks like we back at lockdown life, maybe it will be good and give us a time to refresh ourselves again. 

    I haven't been up to much- just trying to get business up and going, some content creation and we did go on a little vacay about 2 months ago which was nice. 

    How you doing what have you done in the few months? How is covid in your country? 

    Nice chatting again. 



    • Julia M Julia M :

      Nabeelah, awesome to have you back! Definitely missed you  So sad to hear that SA is going through another wave, unbelievable! How are the vaccinations going? 

      Here in Amsterdam is going much better! We still have infections, but almost no deaths, which is very good. Many are vaccinated, myself including. Everything is opening up after months of strict lockdown. I am happy about it. Yet, I want the whole world to come back into place.  Come back here more often!

      1 year ago 
      • Nabeelah I Nabeelah I :

        Julia 😊 so glad to be back !

        Vaccinations are getting there slowly, not my age group as yet.

        Great did you have any side effects? You must be so happy things are slowly opening up on your side 😁. 

        Have a great week I will be back soon 😊

        1 year ago 
    • Martina F Martina F :

      Hi Nabeelah! I'm so sorry to hear that the situation in SA is bad again! I come from Italy and for us was a very hard year to live. Basically we stayed 9 months inside ours house and was like as if time had stopped. Now the situation is much better and almost everyone is vaccinated, I hope this nightmare will soon be over for everyone.   

      1 year ago 
      • Nabeelah I Nabeelah I :

        Hi Martina 😊, 

        Wow everyone vaccinated that's great to hear.  We still in the process of getting vaccinated.

        I'm happy the situation is getting better over there I think a hard lockdown is good and think we need to do it over here. 

        Back to normal would really be great, we pray for that day 🤗

        1 year ago 
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