Orgasm Series #4 of 5; 20 Reasons You Should Orgasm More!

Orgasm Series #4 of 5; 20 Reasons You Should Orgasm More!

    Hopefully by now, we all know sex and orgasms are good for us; yet, we tend to only focus on the 'feel good' benefit of the orgasm (I know I have, do, and honestly probably will again). However, it has to be stated that orgasms are beneficial to us humans in so many ways. I think this list is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, because we are just now (in the last 50 years or so) diving into the science of sex and orgasms.  

    Some of the awesome benefits of orgasms that 'we' do know: 

        1. Orgasms are a natural anti-depressant (Couple this with semen {also an anti-depressant} and VOILA! You've got yourself ONE awesome vibe.)


        2. Orgasms reduce stress (It's the Holidays and COVID sucks and there are so many stressors in our lives. Go have an orgasm!)


        3. Orgasms relieve pain (Think headaches, cramps, back, muscles, this can do the trick.)


        4. Orgasms increase pain threshold (Want to try something new, but scared it might be painful  {think butt play or anal sex} arousal and orgasms can help with that.)


        5. Orgasms boost immunity (Need I say more?)


        6. Orgasms improve sleeping (Having trouble falling asleep? Rub one out or grab your trusty vibing friend, then snooze.)


        7. Orgasms lift moods (Need a quick 'pick me up'? Bingo!)


        8. Orgasms improve menstrual cycles (Less pain in general, but think about how sometimes you  are just way off the deep end, orgasms can help).


        9. Orgasms make skin glow, youthful and can clear blemishes (This benefit is actually three separate benefits in my opinion, but for the sake of space, they all deal with skin. I can dig all three of these.)


        10. Orgasms boost self esteem/confidence (Do I really need to add something here?)


        11. Orgasms boost libido (Orgasms can actually increase your desire to have sex…hmmm who would have thunk that? "I orgasm to continue to orgasm, to continue to orgasm, to continue to orgasm and so on and so on…x infinity." I say 'delicious', NOT 'vicious' cycle!)


        12. Orgasms increase intimacy (Bonding with your spouse or significant other can certainly be challenging in the best of times, but now more than ever. No better way to bond then giving each other mind blowing orgasms!)


        13. Orgasms are good for your heart (BOOM! mini cardio session; get er done!)


        14. Orgasms feel great (Well shit, this reason alone is enough!)


        15. Orgasms stimulate the brain (Makes you smarter; the realistic smartass in me knows there are a ton of folks out in this great big world of ours that need to have several orgasms in their lives!)


        16. Orgasms increase longevity (I don’t claim to know the science behind this one,  but with all the endorphins released and the sibling benefits listed, I can see that.)


        17. Orgasms get better as you age (Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop having orgasms. In fact, as we age, we tend to be freer (uninhibited) in many ways, sexuality and orgasms are NO different. 


        18. Orgasms make hair healthier (Who doesn't want nice shiny hair?)


        19. Orgasms strengthen pelvic floor and aid in bladder function (so this one must be for the Average Jane/Joe. I have pelvic structural issues (cue my darling 23 year old son who damn near ripped my bladder out during childbirth; Kegels and orgasms do not hold my piss in. See my blog on Botox, Balls and BJs, Oh My!)


        20. Orgasms make lips and breasts swell (I love plumpy lips but personally can do with out anything that makes my 'fun bags' even larger, but hey, it is only momentarily and I do love orgasms!)

    So with all these benefits of orgasms, why do we still have miserable people out there, milling about? I don't have a decent answer to that other than sex education. A basic Google search on 'orgasm types' yields many different types of orgasms, you may be a smidge overwhelmed. Depending on who you ask or where you look… there are 4, 6, 15, 18 and so on for ' orgasm types'. Some listed are:  Clitoral, Vaginal, Cervical, Nipple, Anal, Blended, G-Spot, A-Spot, K- Spot, U-Spot, P-Spot, S-Spot, C-Spot, Birthgasm, Throat, Core, Sleep and individual erogenous zone orgasms. 

    With so many different types, a little curiosity, sense of humor and exploration, you (solo) or you and your partner (together) can achieve one, some or all of these orgasms.  I am not discussing each type of orgasm here, because let's face it, this a blog, not a thesis, and I have something I like to call a life. 

    I would like you all to have more orgasms, because they are great and great for you. Think self care, people!  Given all the benefits above, orgasms are the bomb and we need to have more. 

    Take everything you read, listen to, or chat about with friends regarding sex and orgasms with a grain of salt. Just because something works for Suzy Q, does not mean it will work for you, and that is OKAY and NORMAL! Try not to be overwhelmed, try not be stressed out about it and go have an orgasm!

    C-U Next Time.

    Coach Mary C 

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