Overcome your fear and be fearless

    This is the 3rd video of my life lessons.

    In this video I will share with you a story, how has everything began.

    What made me do this challenge and how I have lost myself walking the path of adulthood.

    Maybe I'm not the only one but, I have felt that way. That everyone around me knew the path except me.

    In a way, I have felt ashamed of myself. I thought that I knew exactly what I want. I guess dreams can change somewhere in the middle of that path.

    If you feel that way, I hope this video will give you the courage that you need to chase your dream.

    Don't be afraid, the dream can change and you can have a few different dreams that you want to accomplish.

    Be true to yourself, don't give up on your passion. Find the courage and just do it!


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