Sporty is cool! Hiking outfits, running tips and makeup for sports

Sporty is cool! Hiking outfits, running tips and makeup for sports

    It is Go For a Ride Day! On this day, you are encouraged to go out in the world, talk a walk,  go for a run, a bike ride or whatever method you prefer, as long as you try out something different and change your daily routine! On this day, we celebrate the freedom that the development of transportation has given us!

    Where did the idea of the Go For a Ride Day come from? On this date, November the 22nd, a lot of developments happened in the transportation industry.  When looking in the past, ‘going for a ride’ was something done on a daily basis and witnessing this transformation from being an active society to the one sitting behind their computer desks most of the day indeed calls for some changes. 

    How to celebrate? There are no strict rules on which transportation to use! Depending on where you live, you can choose from a variety of transportation methods: take a ride by a boat, a plane, a car, a helicopter, a motorcycle? The boat and plane might seem to be a tricky option, but you can also choose other easier options as rollerskaters, skateboards, or just your feet! This day is also the opportunity to look at the development of transport, and choosing a horse, sleigh or even horse-drawn carriage as a method of transportation would be a fun idea!  

    Since I spend a lot of time in the bus and train every day, I have decided to do the healthier version of the ‘Go For a Ride Day’!  Nowadays, finding an hour or two for activities might be a challenge, especially if that means we can’t use our phones.  It might be difficult, but it indeed is not impossible.  As I feel the need to run away from the technology-driven world every now and then, I am sharing with you my healthy ideas on how to celebrate this day, but also incorporate healthy activities in your daily life! 

    Go For a Hike 

    Fresh air mountain is the perfect source of new energy, and although hiking can be tiring, after several times, it is definitely going to become easier. After all, once you see the beautiful views up in the mountain, you will realize how every effort was worth it!

     However, I have some bad news for you: if you are going for a hike, forget about your new cute bomber jacket or applying the fake eyelashes you just bought! If you’re in nature, it is all about looking natural and wearing comfortable clothes. Invest in good clothes and you will already be more excited about the adventure.  These are some of my favorite clothes and accessories I have purchased and that I would definitely recommend: 

    Women's Quasar™ Lite Jacket - $240.00


    I really love this jacket! It is waterproof, breathable and air-permeable and it keeps you dry from both inside and outside! I always love going for brighter colors if I am choosing my sports outfit. For me, it is always important to have a jacket which is lightweight and easy to pack and the Women's Quasar™ Lite Jacket is both! Although not all jackets have hoodies, I would definitely recommend finding one which does at It can keep you protected from strong winds.  A lot of female hikers recommend buying clothes that will suit your body type and you can find out why that is so important reading this article 

    You can Purchase the Women's Quasar™ Lite Jacket here.  

    Patagonia Women's Nine Trails Backpack 18L – $129.00


    A good backpack is crucial for any activity! If it is too heavy or uncomfortable, it will make hiking more difficult which is definitely not good for your back.  I purchased this Nine Trails Backpack from Patagonia 2 years ago and it still serves me perfectly. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and there is a comfortable waist belt for a more secure fit. The backpack comes in three colors: purple, turquoise, and black. It also comes in the following sizes: S/M: 17" x 8.5" x 5.5" or L/XL: 19" x 8.5" x 5.5". I have the purple medium version and it has been serving me very well so far! The Medium Size is also enough to fit my clothes and camera inside. 

    You can purchase the Patagonia Women's Nine Trails Backpack 18L here.  

    If you are new to hiking, check these helpful tips which will make your first attempts easier: 

    10 Essential Hiking Tips: beginner hike 

    Hiking For Beginners


    Go For a Run 

    Running is an activity which you either like or don’t, but I do believe that once you start running on a regular basis, it can become really enjoyable. I enjoy running because it makes my body feel very strong, and I also get to witness some great sights. 

    The tip number 1 for every newbie runner is investing in good shoes. If you use shoes which do not fit you perfectly and are not of good quality, you may risk an injury and will generally have an unpleasant experience. These are my favorite running shoes:

    Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes - $120.00

    I have recently bought these running shoes and I am loving them! They have a cushioning which adapts to the stride. That gives me more control over the running and allows me to run for longer distances.  It also has the new Segmented crash pad which is designed to adapt to each footfall, and I feel as if these shoes were customized only for me. The shoes are really light and breathable and for this price, it is a perfect choice! 

    You can purchase the Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes here.  

    ASICS Gel Kayano 24 - $119.00

    This is my second choice after the Brooks Ghost ones. The ASICS Gel Kayano shoes are very comfortable and have a high amount of cushioning. Although they are comfortable, the downside is that they are not that flexible, and the toe box is a bit restrictive. If you do go for these shoes, I would recommend going for a number higher as it might give you more flexibility in the toe area. For only $119.00, I still recommend these shoes as they allow you to effortlessly run long distances! Purchase the ASICS Gel Kayano 24 here.

    Once you have chosen your perfect shoes, make sure to read these articles which explain the right technique for running. The running technique is so important both for your health but also your performance. Check these out: 

    8 extremely useful running tips for beginners

    Running tips 

    50 best running tips 

    Sports Makeup

    We all know by now that doing sports with makeup is not the best thing for our skin, but let’s be honest, there is a lot of us who still want to look decent while going for a run. After all, you never know who you can bump into, right? ;)

    MAC Face and Body €31.50

    This long-wearing foundation is a great choice at It has a very light texture and it can last up to 15 hours! What I love about it is that you can use it both for face and body, which I find very practical. I hate when my skin becomes red from the wind and luckily, this foundation helps me avoid that. You can purchase it here. 

    MAC Extended Play Mascara €20.00

    I love this Mascara as it lasts really long and gives your lashes a natural look. It has a very precise brush which means you can quickly apply it during a break from sports and it is also water-proof, a necessary feature for sports products! You can purchase it here:

    With a good foundation and mascara, you are ready to go! Applying more makeup than this might be a bad decision as your makeup can easily be ruined giving you a funny look.

    Now that you have your outfit ready and got some tips on running and hiking, go celebrate the Go For a Ride Day and don’t forget to have fun!



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