Staycation: / a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than traveling to another place/

    Or as we used to call it microvacation.

    Sounds like the perfect plan? Maybe not at first but as it turns out staycations are a massively growing success and with good reason. 

    Long gone are the days where staycations were your plan B. Now it’s something we all look forward to, as they are the perfect mini-getaway from our day to day routine without requiring an enormous amount of effort or infinite financial resources.

    You can basically stay at home, or close to home and have the same exciting va-va-voom effect as the old school, archetypal kind of holidays.

    Here’s how to have a successful staycation that will supercharge you with energy and renew your will to get out there and grab life by the you know whats.

    Do the unordinary

    Even if your base remains the same, your habits and tactics don’t have to, and that’s what makes all the difference in the holiday world.

    Mind the trap: If you stay at home, you will most likely think of finally taking the curtains down, hoovering the ceiling and god knows what else. DON’T. 

    Treat your staycation as you would a normal kind of holiday, where you don’t do the dishes or reorganize the canned goods in the kitchen cupboards. The only way to get into true holiday mode is to stay away from dull chores and errands. If you must, take an extra day to sort those out, before your staycation, so that you’ll be as carefree as possible. We get it, holidays are much more fun when you have a clean duvet and freshly washed sheets so do that in advance and then feel free to sleep in.

    Plan Activities

    If you don’t have something particular in mind, just Google it. See what’s going on in your city, or nearby, look up events on Facebook. It can be as adventurous or low key as your heart desires. From extreme sports to a heavy metal concert or wine tasting at your fave restaurant, anything goes as long as it something you don’t get to do on a regular day in the life.

    Think of yourself in the 3rd person

    …meaning treat yourself as you would treat a houseguest -preferably someone you really, really fancy, not someone you are stuck with and can’t wait to get rid of. What would you do to make sure your guests are having a blast and are being comfortable? Now, go do that for yourself.  Have breakfast in bed, make the good coffee, use the nice mugs that you usually reserve for guests (or the queen of England herself, hello F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference) take time to unwind, only do things that you find satisfying and give yourself some good vibes. 

    Sleep in a different bed.

    …or on in a tent on the floor or the back yard, weather permits. It sounds chicky but it really works. If you can, stay at a hotel or book an Airbnb. Change your surroundings.

    I once had a picnic with a friend on his home-studio floor. It was unplanned, we had chips and sodas and plain rice and it was amazing and felt like a million-dollar vacation just because we were together and we were doing something unusual while enjoying each other’s company and long talks about life, death and everything in between. 

    Small changes = change of scenery = massive mood boosters.

    It doesn’t take a lot to be happy, right?

    I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the concept of a staycation, have you ever tried it and do you have any tips to share?

    Until the next one,


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