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    One of my favorite things on Fashion Potluck

    is the food section.


    Every time I'm hungry for fresh ideas and delicious foodspo I just log in and browse the collection of recipes to get inspired. It's one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday night and it helps me prep for the upcoming week as I plan my meals and my general schedule.

    Whether I'm looking for a hearty breakfast recipe, a light salad for lunch or a cheeky little midweek treat to get me going when everything else fails, I know this is the place to be.

    As a professional chef, I have a massive collection of cookbooks that I like to go through every once in a while to get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen and I got to tell you, the food section of Fashion potluck has the exact same effect.

    Let me share a couple of my favorite recipes so far!

    Julia's Sweet Potato Pancakes with yogurt and caramelized apricots is a five-star hotel brekkie hit!

    Julia prefers delicious healthy recipes, with natural, fulfilling ingredients.  And when they taste and look like that, oh, boy, count me in!


    Another fave of mine, as a vegan, is the Dal Makhani Butter Lentils.

    ... it is rich, buttery, garlicky, healthy and absolutely divine. Oh! and did I say, gluten-free! 

    Dal makhani was first created by Punjabis and is now recognized as a quintessentially Indian dish, and variations of the dish are served in many different restaurants internationally. Jacinthe Vigneault from Canada showed us how to cook this delicious meal which is on rotation in our weekly meal plans since then!


    Seriously, I can't have enough of these fab recipes and I also love posting my own here on Fashion Potluck to share my love of good food with the rest of the world.

    Do you have a fave recipe that you would love to share? Of an interesting food story that would make us giggle?

    Come on, share the love! Looking forward to reading your stories!

    Until the next one,


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