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    As 2020 continues to implode (here in the US anyways), the tourists have officially arrived for the season in upstate NY anyways. The only safe and enjoyable things my husband and I really do (and have done for months) are hike, climb, and garden. With the trail crowds building as the weather gets nicer, we have found ourselves choosing difficult and long hikes, along with more remote climbs, all on weekdays to avoid weekend crowds. A lot of people seem to think the virus is over, but it’s not.

    The outdoors is one of the few things we can enjoy. Sure, I miss going places and wearing cool things, and some of my outfits at home reflect how fun I miss dressing, even when no one sees it. However, I have relished the time to work on some of my hiking goals, along with getting stronger climbing. These two things don’t really come with much “style” I guess, but what I wear outdoors is still important to me.

    So, what have I been doing and wearing all this time? I've laid out some looks and hikes from the paste few months below.

    Look 1:
    Sweatshirt: Femme Luxe
    Top: Femme Luxe (modified by me)
    Leggings & Bralette Set: Femme Luxe
    Shoes: Asportuguesas 
    Mask: Lorica Clothing

    Helmet: Petzl
    Shoes: Tenaya (Oasi)
    Harness: Mad Rock (yes, I wear the children’s harness)

    Read more about my tee modification, thoughts on everyone making activewear, and clothes worn climbing here!

    Wearing a mask is required in public places, inside and out, in NY. When hiking and climbing, it's not required to wear them all the time, but they're a good idea for passing people on the trail, especially because it can be impossible to give people a wide berth on the famously narrow ADK hiking trails. In climbing areas like the Gunks, south of us in New Paltz, masks are required in the parking lot and for passing parties climbing or bouldering near the carriage path access trail. Sometimes, belayers will choose to mask up if they are near another route with people on it. 

    The majority of locals are serious about keeping healthy - in the Adirondacks, there aren't many hospital beds, supplies, or ventilators if you end up seriously ill. An outbreak would just destroy these mountain towns. The hoax-believing minority is definitely present, but so far, I haven't seen anyone try and enter establishments without a mask. We all need the Stewart's not to close, ok?

    Look 2:
    Top: Make Me Chic
    Catsuit: Black Milk Clothing

    Climbing at Beer Walls.

    In early July, I celebrated an unusual moment in Whiteface Mountains' history: with access to the summit closed from the road, the only way to see it was by hiking. This means much less people were enjoying the wide open space, ordinarily filled with people from all over the country. I was happy to re-hike this peak, and brought up a dress to shoot, without feeling like I was hogging the view.

    Look 3:
    Dress: CK Bradley

    The summit of Whiteface overlooks Lake Placid, and is the 5th highest mountain in New York. It's a part of the 46er challenge to hike all 46 peaks (mostly) over 4,000ft of elevation, and is the only peak with a road to nearly the top.

    The rest of the time, I'm photographing outside where it is safe to do so.

    The Hudson River is one of my favorite places to shoot and swim. This summer, it's been too crowded to go, and it's been months since I've sat on these rocks and enjoyed my time in nature here. But in spring, when the weather was still kind of sketchy, I often had the place to myself. 

    Read more about testing this Drybag and shooting in the elements here.

    Look 4:
    Bag: Bertasche
    Shell: The North Face (old) (shop in stock)
    Tee: Target
    Leggings: American Eagle Outfitters
    Boots: Fly London

    Photographing a moody day on the Hudson River.

    Another photo stop is out near some of my favorite climbing locations: Shelving Rock Falls, on Shelving Rock Rd, in the Lake George area. Sure, this isn’t your usual fashion entry, but it’s a look into my style on the days where I’m producing other types of photography! Check out more on traveling outside with gear and a video of me packing this bag: in this blog entry.

    Look 5:
    Bag: Estarer
    Hat: Patched by me
    Fleece: Marmot, bought second hand at Burlington Outdoor Gear Exchange
    Leggings: American Eagle Outfitters
    Boots: Fly London

    Shelving Rock Falls is great for a post-climbing visit if it's not crowded.

    There are other times where I'm simply dressed to enjoy the outdoors.

    My dressy clothes look unloved most days, and sometimes I feel guilty about it - but this is the reality now.

    See more from this blog entry here.

    Look 7:
    Tee Bodysuit: Femme Luxe
    Bandana: Free People (old)
    Necklace: St. Elise Bazaar, OAK handmade by members of a Tuareg tribe
    Earrings: Streets of Mostar, Bosnia
    Belt: ASOS
    Jeans: American Eagle Apparel

    At the cave in my 4th of July tee. Anti-Flag is actually a band, and I bought this tee at a show, but their message is still relevant and necessary.

    And of course, on long hikes, I'm dressed mostly for comfort and carry a variety of layers with me. Here's some of the other hiking I've done lately.

    Hiking Erebus and Black shortly before my birthday to complete the Lake George 12.

    Hiking Nippletop & repeating nearby peak Dial with Max to advance our point in the 46er challenge.

    Clothes and accessories in this entry shot in collaboration with Femme Luxe, Bertasche, and Estarer.

    • M D M D :

      Amazing photos! I'm inspired to go on longer hikes after this!

      2 years ago 
      • Carolyn W Carolyn W :

        Thank you! Pick a good view and the long ones become worth it! <3 

        2 years ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Simply love this post! So inspiring <3 And I'm in love with all your photos.

      2 years ago 
      • Carolyn W Carolyn W :

        Ahh thank you so much! I'm always trying to get people outside more <3 

        2 years ago 
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