Stylish and Sustainable Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2022

Stylish and Sustainable Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2022

    Every new year and season brings new fashion trends. So does this 2022 and its spring and summer. Fashion is a way to express ourselves through clothing. We revive certain clothing items from the past, mix and match them in a different way and prefer some patterns and colours to others. If you follow fashion trends and like to look stylish and fashionable, keep reading to find out more about these. 

    Sustainability is essential in all aspects of life, so designers are making it a priority. When it comes to specific clothing styles, mini dresses and skirts are gaining popularity, combined with bold jewellery pieces. Also, it is fashionable to wear clothes in bright colours and to even match the ones seemingly unmatchable. One trend that has experienced a comeback is low-cut, but not everyone is thrilled about it. All in all, these are just some of the key fashion trends for this year, and surely you’ll love some and hate others. 

    Sustainable fashion

    All around the globe, people are trying to live a more sustainable life by making some changes to their lifestyles. One such change refers to clothes - it’s one of the industries that has the biggest negative impact on our environment. Designers are aware of this, so they’re working on designing sustainable and yet fashionable clothes. They can do that in a number of ways. One such way is by recycling old clothes and using them to create new pieces. What you can do to be more sustainable is to buy quality clothing items, which you can wear for some time.

    Mini dresses and skirts

    What’s also trending this spring and summer are mini dresses and skirts. Mini dresses are chic and easy to wear. They are comfortable and enable you to move freely. Also, they don’t require much styling. You can just slip into some fashionable shoes, the dress and voila - you’re ready to go! That’s why clothes shops are searching for chic wholesale clothing to fill their shelves. Pay attention to patterns and colours when you head out shopping next time. These sell quickly, so make sure to get yours on time! As far as mini skirts are concerned, you can mix and match them with cute little tops or shirts. 

    Bold jewellery

    You can complete your outfit with some bold jewellery, as that’s what is hot this spring and summer. Let it bling this year! 2022’s fashion trends go beyond basic jewellery pieces and layered necklaces. It’s now fashionable to wear different body jewellery. You can follow this trend in multiple ways. For instance, besides jewellery, you can also go for shiny hair accessories, glittery eye makeup or dazzling shoes. Moreover, you can also use a bag with some crystal details. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard. Choose your accessories carefully. It’s still true that less is more.

    Bright colours

    Spring and summer of 2022 look forward to wearing bright colours. It’s called dopamine dressing. This year, priority is given to feel-good fashion, unexpected bright colours and fashion-forward styles. Shades of yellow, green, orange and hot pink are the most lovable colours these seasons. By adding colour to your clothing style, you also add colour to your life. This is not all, though. Not only that these colours are popular, but it’s also trendy to mix and match them. So, for instance, wearing orange pants with a hot pink shirt makes perfect fashion sense! This trend is called a colour block.


    A trend that many fashionistas don’t actually look forward to is low-cut. Low-cut was popular more than 20 years ago, and now we can see its comeback. You can see more and more low-waist pants and skirts in shops this spring. This is a trend that you either love or hate, there’s no middle. 

    Fashion styles change from year to year. Some people like to look fashionable at all costs, and they don’t even mind if they don’t like it so much. On the other hand, some people like to look stylish and fashionable, but in clothes that make them feel comfortable and good. Which type of person are you?

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