Summer Inspiration

    ✨ Turn on your favorite summer song before reading this ✨

     I’m listening the “Summer Love” playlist, consisting of the songs from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. ?Ready?

    It’s finally and officially summer, and despite the fact that summer is a constant inspiration onto itself, sometimes we need an additional inspiration boost. He’re my little secrets of being always *almost* inspired.

    ?Don’t waste your energy?

    Starting with this statement, because wasting our energy will always prevent us from being fully happy and inspired. The causes of wasting our energy are “ineffective” food, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong people, unloved job, uncompleted tasks, masks and roles we play, not showing our emotions. Find a harmony with your inner self and it will be much easier to stay inspired ?

    ? Set goals and achieve them ?

    Setting and achieving goals gives us a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Usually, we feel happy and motivated to keep going. The secret is to subdivide your goals into small steps and take them one by one, not waiting for too long in between.

    ? Take some time for yourself ?

    Spend some time discovering your inner self or simply doing the things you love, but never have time for. Turn off all of the notifications on your phone and do the things you love the most, be it laying in the bed all day long reading your favorite book, baking croissants, or going for a jog listening to your favorite song. Spending at least an hour a day doing the things you love will give you a lot of inspiration ?

    ? Try something new ?

    A great source of motivation/inspiration is self-development. There’re so many amazing things to discover and to learn in this world! It’s a must to be learning something new every day. Improve your knowledge in something you’re already doing or start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. Remember that baking class you thought you would take later? Or the Italian language you always wanted to learn, but never had time for? Summer is perfect for making your small dreams come true! Let’s do it ✨

    ? Visit new places ?

    This is my favorite one, it always helps. In the lack of inspiration, I always tend to change my location – for an hour, a day, or a weekend. It can be a new cafe, that vintage shop at the end of my street I’ve never visited, a new path to work, or even a different city/country/continent.

    ? A good book, song, or a movie ?

    So simple, but always works. Listen to your favorite playlist, or to the playlist you’ve listened to when you were very very happy. Ask for the favorite songs of your friends or people who inspire you. Spend half a day researching internet/blogs/magazines in search of something of your taste, something that will inspire you!


    ? Clean your mind ?

    It is scientifically proven that our thoughts and words tend to materialize. In order to attract only positivity and inspiration in our life, we first have to find harmony with the inner self. You can do so through reading good literature or even doing a yoga-retreat. I spent an hour on this website yesterday. ?

    ? Do something for our world ?

    Nothing will make you happier than the feeling of being an important part of this world, contributing to it and helping others. Make a donation or volunteer, only if you heart wants it, of course❤


    ? Get inspiration from other sources ?

    “Other sources” – this can literally mean anything. Try to find such sources, be it a blog, YouTube channel, magazine, stationery shop or anything else, and make it a routine to open it everyday for 10-15 minutes to get an inspiration boost. My favorite sources this month are this website and this Instagram channel. ☀

    ? Fall in love ?

    Love is a beautiful feeling and I already know that it always inspires me the most! It doesn’t really matter if it’s mutual or not, it is a matter of interpretation. This feeling still lives inside of you, and you decide if you want to see its positive or negative side. Additionally, falling in love is a good method to get back in shape – being happy seeing yourself in a mirror is one more great inspiration source!❤

    P.S. All the images are my inspiration this month and are collected by me. ✨

    Get inspired and inspire!?

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