The bachelor 2021 episode 4: How many women are there?

The bachelor 2021 episode 4: How many women are there?

    Our new Bachelor Matt James is the most in demand bachelor. The season started with 32 women, already hard to keep track of so many ladies and now in the forth week, there five more women?? This is the most dramatic season of the bachelor, and spoiler alert! the drama is bullying. 

    The episode started with Sarah leaving Matt heartbroken. The ladies are surprised, no one really thought she'd actually leave(including me! I really thought she just wants Matt to beg her to stay). Victoria says the trash threw itself out *hairflip* and Katie is the only mature adult in the house who says they don't need to talk about someone who isn't even in the house anymore. 

    The girls go on the group date night. I'm surprised the date isn't canceled, feels pretty weird to me. But the ladies are able to connect with Matt. And Chelsea, you go girl! It's great they showed her story, we need more of that. She got the rose too!

    While the group date is happening Victoria asks Katie for an apology, the audacity of this girl! This is her way of expressing herself???By calling people "trash". And she attacks Katie about her dildo. Let the woman be Victoria. What's wrong with a dildo, it says nothing about if she's ready for marriage or not. To that Katie says "I love my dildo". I just have one thing to say, Katie for Bachelorette. 

    It's time for the rose ceremony, and the time we've all been waiting for. FIVE NEW WOMEN!!! Here are they with their IG handles in case if you wanna do some extra digging,


    Brittany @lilgalvin 

    Catalina Miss Puerto Rico Universe @catalinnamorales

    Kimberly @kimawaywithme


    Michelle @michelle.young.1

    Ryan @ryanmarcelle


    The ladies were thinking that Sarah came back but no one expected this! This is aggressive. Honestly, I feel bad for all the women in the house. Brittany, the first one out of the limo just straight up made out with him! And the other ladies are watching from the window, shocked!

    The jealousies were at peak. Brittany came into the house saying “they saved the best for last” and Victoria called her a slut(for a kissing the Bachelor on the Bachelor? this is beyond me). Then came Catalina, who was wearing a crown. Of course the in-house "queen" would be offended, who didn't see it coming. Victoria said "I should have that crown" and snatched the crown off of her head(No one saw this coming ) The women say nothing apart from a shocked "Victoria!". Anna starts spreading rumors about Brittany and "the things she has heard about her".

    After all the drama, comes the rose ceremony. MJ, Pieper, Bri, Magi, Michelle, Mari, Ryan, Kit, Serena C, Abigail, Katie, Victoria, Lauren, Brittany, Jessenia, Anna, and Catalina all get roses.

    Then comes the group date where the ladies have to compete in the most childish competition that reveals nothing about themselves nor achieves anything for a golden trophy of nuts.

    At the cocktail party, Anna finally gets time to tell Matt who she is and trust me it wasn't any deep conversation. But Brittany comes and interrupts there time asking to steal Matt. Anna is pissed! Did she not watch any of the 24 seasons before? Isn't this how this works? Anyway, to Anna this was so disrespectful that this was reason enough for her to out Brittany's "secret". Anna starts circling with "People have warned me about her" till she finally comes out and says Brittany is an escort. 

    Bri gets the group date rose.

    Michelle got the one-on-one. After the toxicity of the whole episode, Michelle's date felt like a cleanse. she is too pure for this show and too good for Matt. The date also included a hot air balloon ride where they make out and some of the ladies had binoculars!? Just the producers adding fuel to the fire.

    All I have to say is,

    And the last date of the week, was a boxing match. The producers are not even bothering to mask their efforts to make the women fight. Matt was expecting some girly fight but the women really boxed. What I really wanted to see was Katie and Victoria in the ring, but maybe its best they weren't.

    In the cocktail party, Katie brought up how they should just welcome the new ladies in the house, put all the digs aside. No one agrees and Katie confront Matt about the situation. Honestly, there are too many bullies in the house. I might just skip a few episodes till all the bullies are out, but this is too cringe to look away so I'll be here when the next episode comes. 

    And Matt's dance in the credits! Oh my god what was that?!?! Was he doing a bunch of tiktok dances? where's the music? Magi looks like she has secondhand embarrassment for him.

    Did you watch it yet? Tell me what's your take in comments! 

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