Top 10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

    How can you simplify your life? It’s not as difficult as you think. Life is already filled with unexpected situations that we’re not prepared for. So why not make things easier for yourself by simplifying your moments, your decisions, and your perspective? Even when life comes with unexpected circumstances, you already have the values that guide you toward total unwavering hope?

    This post is going to show you the top 10 ways to simplify your life. 

    Be Present 

    One important way to simplify your life is by being currently present with yourself. You can do so by utilizing mindfulness techniques and practices. Mindfulness is the practice of being self-aware of yourself and your environment, without judgment. Mindfulness removes you from dwelling in the past and the future (which causes worry or anxiety), enabling you to see, feel, and hear in the present. It contains many benefits such as reducing depression, pain, and anxiety.

    One way to practice mindfulness is by focusing on your breathing. This practice can be used when you’re stressed or anxious. Taking deep breaths in your nose and out fo your mouth, you’re focusing on your breathing, your heartbeat, and relaxing your body at the moment. There are other ways to implement mindfulness in your life such as when you wash the dishes, listening to a song by hearing the beats in the way it influences your body, observing your body and how it reacts to situations, taking a walk outside by observing your environment, and eating your food by tasting the food. 

    Being present also means learning to enjoy what’s currently in your life. Maybe you’ve been wanting something, materialistic or not, in your life but it hasn’t come yet. Then that would be a good time to enjoy what you currently have, preventing you from over obsessing over what you don’t have, and focusing on what you do have. 

    Establish A Routine 

    Routines are a must for everyone. With routine, you’re creating a way of living that matters to you. You already have current routines that are important to your wellbeing such as brushing your teeth, eating, and drinking water. These routines are also called habits, repetitive motion that are in auto mode. 

    I can’t really say whether the morning or night routine is better than the other. You choose which routine brings the most influential change in your life and stick to it. However, I would recommend that you still create a morning routine that would assist you to conduct your day stress-free. Here are some morning rituals that would render your success and examples from fellow bloggers who cater to their morning routines with effectiveness. 

    If you’re still looking for ways to build a routine that nourish, empower, and promote wellbeing, consider these:

    1. If you had an ideal morning, what would it look like?
    2. Think of your senses. What would you like to feel? Hear? Taste? Smell? Touch?
    3. What are some activities you would like to do in the morning that would help you promote joy and energy?
    4. What are some activities you would like you at night that would help you fall asleep with ease?
    5. What would you like to remove from your current routine that may promote negativity?
    6. What would you like to add to your routine that would promote good energy and positivity?

    Consider these questions and add more if you want to bring more clarity.

    What Is Necessary For You 

    What do you want your life to consist of? Do you want to live debt-free? Start a budget? Sleep a little early? Simplifying life does not only make things a bit easier to manage but it also helps you focus on what you deem important in your life. This removes other worries and cares that are not important to you. 

    Consider your values- what you want to consider your life to be about. Does your value involve laughter, servitude, or flexibility? You can have as many values as you want but sticking to 5-7 is appropriate. 

    What are some health practices you want to incorporate in your life? Drinking more water? Exercising? Unplugging from social media? Let your choices consist of people and things that help you grow and enjoy life. 


    I’ve been a bit of a hoarder all my life. I would hoard clothes, unimportant papers, mementos, websites accounts, and much more. However, I acknowledged, using mindfulness, that a cluttering life promotes a cluttering mind. 

    Your mind is always cluttered with things that are unimportant, inviting stress and irritation. So I had to let go of things that I knew I wasn’t going to use, whether it was something I used months ago or never at all. 

    I decluttered my clothes/shoes, unsubscribed from many websites, and removed papers that weren’t essential use to me. It felt good and my mind felt a bit organized and I gained more focus. There’s actually a study that reports how being organized is key to having mental clarity in the brain. By decluttering your environment, you’re also giving your brain a boost of focus. The mind likes organization. The more your visual is disorganized, such as seeing a messy room or dishes, the worse your cognitive, how you think, gets messed up. 

    The only solution to having an organized, simplified life is by decluttering and keeping the things that are most useful to you. When I mean most useful are things that can be used right away rather than months or years later. That receipt you kept 6 months ago with the print disappearing? Throw it away. Subscribed to a website that you haven’t used in a year? Unsubscribe. If you need more guidance on how to declutter, Mary Kondo provides simple but effective ways to improve your efforts to tidying and decluttering. 

    Here’s a video of Evelyn from the Internet who’s used the Mary Kondo’s Konmari Method. She’s full of laughs but her video still deems educational. 

    Meal Prep

    Meal Prepping has improved my life greatly, especially when working a 9-5. I cook all the food I want to eat in one day and place them in 5 containers so I don’t have to cook during the week. I save money in the long run. Here is my favorite meal container that I use for meal prep. 

    Meal prep can save tons of money from eating out, keeps you on budget, and reduces the time you have to cook each day for work. Sweet Peas and Saffron came up with 46 meal prep ideas you should check out. 


    The use of technology has advanced drastically that everyone is using it. But using too much technology can cause side effects on the body and the mind. Multiple research shows a correlation with social media to depression and lack of sleep. It really can cause problems with your mental health. 

    That is why unplugging from technology from days at a time will help you focus on what matters most to you. You can clean your house, update your budgeting techniques, call a friend, admire the outdoors, or spend time in devotion. If you open your phone when you wake up, you will need to change that habit and incorporate a new one. Take care of your wellness by doing something that brings the best in you. 

    Be Grateful 

    One thing that has simplified my life was being able to be grateful. Gratitude has made me appreciate my work, where I am in my business, my family, and my life. Living in a fast-paced world tends to make me feel inadequate and focusing on the future so much that I forget to take care of my present. 

    Gratitude, with mindfulness, has made me laugh more, enjoy my mini moments, and helped me relax my mind, body, and spirit. This is not an overnight solution, but when I put it in practice every day, I don’t stress or get moody at situations.   

    So if you want to be stress-free, start incorporating gratitude in your life. One way to put it in practice is by starting a gratitude journal in the morning, night, or even through the day. This will help you notice your family, friends, and things that help you smile, laugh, and appreciate life a little more. You’ll feel a lot better. 

    Break Your Task 

    We all have goals that we all want to complete. Whether it is short term goals or long term goals, there has to be a step by step plan that helps you follow through accomplishing your goals. One way to do that is to consider your goal in the first place. Then, 

    • Make sure your goal is realistic
    • Realize YOUR why behind your goal
    • come up with a deadline
    • create habits that will boost your energy to complete your goal efficiently and faster
    • break your goal into small chunks (getting each specific tasks done each day, week, or month)
    • and incorporate rewards to boost your motivation and productivity. 

    Create Healthy Boundaries 

    Being around your circle can bring about joy, laughter, and gratitude. However, it can also be detrimental to your health, especially if you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. When you’re spending your time around people that only brings negativity in your life or around your life, creating boundaries is necessary. 

    Your purpose is to create a life that deals with no drama or problematic situations, and to do that, distancing yourself from those that bring the opposite of joy, laughter, and gratitude is important.

    Sometimes you may also need to have some alone time. As much as I love spending time with my family and friends, I love creating a space for me time. I rejuvenate and enjoy my alone time. Spending time alone is not a bad thing, it will only help you appreciate your circle more. This will help you spend more time on your hobbies, watching your favorite movies, taking a bubbles bath and so much more. 

    Start Saying Yes To Yourself 

    Simplifying your life means taking a chance on yourself, by taking care of yourself and making the best of your life. If you’ve always wanted to travel, make the means of setting up a budget or living frugally to accomplish that goal. If you’ve always wanted to have a healthy eating lifestyle, do your research and incorporate foods that nourish your body. 

    When you say no to yourself, you allow fear to cripple your life and circumstances to take hold of you. Start saying yes to a healthy lifestyle, start saying yes to being happy, and start saying yes to you. You will make mistakes in your life but you will learn from then and strive to enjoy your moments. 

    Simplifying your life reduces the constant thoughts of worries in your life, by encouraging you to focus on what’s most important and produce a healthy lifestyle that brings that best of you always. 

    There you go. I hope you found this post helpful. 

    Until Next Time, 

    Simply Alia


    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Loved reading this post <3 These are definitely very essential tips.

      3 years ago 
    • Lisa C Lisa C :

      The last point is so important! I remember so many times when my friends would choose to pull all-nighters instead of taking needed rest and I could never do that. Taking care of yourself is very important!

      3 years ago 
    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      Thanks for these tips! Over the past few months, I've really seen how important it is to have a routine. I've also been decluttering which has felt therapeutic in a way. Something I'm going to try to work on now is to be present and practice mindfulness. 

      3 years ago 
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