Under the Moonlight - Poetry - July 23rd 2020

    Under The Moonlight

    They stood hand in hand

    I could hear their gentle laughter

    I could hear their whispers

    They walked slowly with determination

    They were carefree with hesitation

    They sat on the same park bench, once a week, excited to see each other

    Like children on a playdate

    Their cars parked side by side

    Thinking they were being discreet

    He looking with love and devotion, always serious

    She with the eyes of a girl who found the meaning of true love

    The stranger watched from his balcony, the house with the view of the lake

    Smoking his pipe, a routine his wife of 40 years who did not approve

    But let it be because it made him happy

    Marriage is a hard work

    But it can work

    He should know he's been there done that

    These two out there

    He knows what this is

    For many years he's witnessed these two

    These two are what you call forbidden love

    The love that cannot be

    But only cherish, but kept in a box, hidden on a shelf, in a closet

    But only shared between the two of them

    In secret

    Stolen kisses

    Empty promises

    Hopeful words

    Captured moments

    An escape

    For if it was really true love

    Would they still be here

    On borrowed time

    Under the moonlight...

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