Useful & Inspiring Christmas Presents Wishlist: All I Want This Year

Useful & Inspiring Christmas Presents Wishlist: All I Want This Year

    Hi ladies! As you know, it's officially December, therefore Christmas & NYE are coming. I have a passion for giving presents and thoroughly enjoy the process of choosing them for my loved ones. You might find it hard initially, but this year has a lot to offer in terms of cool, useful, and unusual Christmas presents for women. In this article, I will place the presents I would be keen to get, yet you can search for additional inspiration in the following categories: accessories, stationery, sex toys, books, cook/drinks books, gadgets, tableware, bed clothing, makeup, food, etc.


    Gadgets have an important place in our day-to-day. I wasn’t a big fan of technology in the bedroom until a couple of months ago, before I always had a very minimalistic approach to gadgets, giving preference to basics. Later on, I discovered these pieces, which seem to be fantastic and can slightly improve the quality of our lives.   As I have difficulties waking up, I included this fantastic alarm clock from Philips, which has various tools, imitating sunrise/sunset, tracking your sleep, and gently waking you up with comfortable sounds. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems like a better idea than to keep snoozing for hours. In addition to the alarm clock, I want to share with you the other fantastic gadgets: a portable movie projector (with a size of your hand), air diffuser, keep your place moist and fresh, with a slight aroma, and a waterproof wireless speaker, for the ones who start their day with a quick shower dance.  


    ○ Philips Smart Sleep Alarm Clock

    ○ Mini Movie Projector

    ○ Aroma Air Diffuser

    ○ Splash Tunes Pro Dual Wireless Speaker

    YG-300 LCD Projector - Mini Beamer

    Aroma diffuser - Luchtbevochtiger - verdamper - humidifier - geurverspreider - Aroma diffuser vernevelaar 300 ml - Incl. 2x 10ml geurolie

    Slide View: 1: Splash Tunes Pro Dual Wireless Speaker


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    Stationery: Agendas, Planners, and Books

    I love physical books, and the speed of buying them generally increases my speed of reading them. One of my milestones for 2020 is to finish reading all those lonely books. But before we get to it, here’s another selection. ? This time around, it only has one book, yet I believe a very good one and perfectly fitting in the presents' category “For Her”. “M Train” by Patti Smith is an international bestseller, breathtaking and dreamy. It is quite portable and unique. And, hey, Patti Smith is a legend, making it a very inspiring pre-NYE present. Along with this book, I added a couple of notebooks and planners. The Christmas break, in my opinion, is the perfect time to plan for a year ahead, set goals and milestones, and daydream. And, planning using these agendas is even more exciting. Enjoy!

    ○ M Train by Patti Smith

    ○ Tied Zora Journal

    ○ Hadron Epoch 2020 Planner

    M Train

    Slide View: 1: Tied Zora Journal

    Slide View: 1: Hadron Epoch 2020 Planner


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    ○ All Day Cocktails

    ○ CrayonlaMode Flower Journal

    ○ 365 Days of Drawing Art Book

    Slide View: 1: All Day Cocktails: Low (And No) Alcohol Magic

    Slide View: 2: CrayonlaMode Flower Journal

    Image result for 365 days of drawing


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    Once you settle down in a city or your own apartment, you really appreciate presents for your house. Candles, blankets, bedsheets have become my favorite kind of presents and shopping. In this selection, there are a few things, that will make your house cozier during this Holiday season.

    ○  4 Candles Set

    ○ Diptyque Candle

    ○ Crisp Sheets Duvet Cover Set

    Cadeauset van 4 geurkaarsen - Gebroken wit/donkergroen - HOME | H&M NL


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    Other Cool Things

    Sometimes a certain product doesn’t fit in any category, but it is amazing nevertheless. In this category, you will find one of my favorite perfume brands (dreaming about this one!), an amazing phone case, the Stojo reusable cup, which I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, and dreamy Tarot cards for dreamy, spiritual ladies.♥

    ○ Le Labo Perfume

    ○ Stojo Cup

    ○ Stella Hybrid Phone Case

    ○ The Magic of Tarot – Cards Set

    Le Labo - Tonka 25 Eau de Parfum -

    Slide View: 1: Stella Hybrid Phone Case


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    Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this short wishlist. These are the products I would be happy to receive, and there are absolutely a ton of other options. Feel free to share in the comments the present you would want to receive!♥

    Enjoy the holiday season!



    • Andrada C Andrada C :

      You got me at the planner & the candle 💖🎄 

      Perfect gifts for the season indeed!



      4 years ago 
      • Julia M Julia M :

        Happy you loved it and found it useful!

        Happy holidays!  

        4 years ago 
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