Weekly planning in 2022

    Hi ladies, it has been a while since I have written here something. I was so busy that I have pushed away from this segment. Thinking always, I will do it next week, then this Next week has turned into months and you know how that goes…    

    I have filmed the quick video on how I plan for the year, month and week at the end of the last year, but never publish it because one thing leads to another… In the meantime, I have spread my ankle, very fun (the day before my vacation time). My thought was sh*t happened what can I do…

    I think I made this break because I have burned out a little bit because I always multitask in various fields at the same time. I don’t know to move a little by little, I want everything NOW! I am learning to ask for help and admitting that sometimes I need help to do everything that I want. I am also learning to not control everything. That lesson I am learning through my tarot cards.

    I know that for some people this “voodoo” thing scares people. For me, that is a little bit of guidance. We all need it sometimes, even when we don’t want to admit it. You don’t have to use the cards, you can use a gratitude journal, bullet journal, or any other journal that you are using. Because you have shown interest in more depth videos for weekly and monthly planning, I have decided for my next video to do weekly planning for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are love to plan on paper or digital. I’ll cover both segments.

    In the video, I‘ll explain why I‘m doing both. Some of you may think, why are you doing a double job by doing both. Take a little bit of your time and watch the video I think it will make sense or some will continue to think girl that’s stupid.   

    The word of this year that I have chosen is SIMPLE. I tend to overcomplicate and overthink things and that made me a little bit crazy sometimes, that’s why my word of this year is SIMPLE. After all the apps that I have tried during the last couple of years, this year I‘ll be using only two for planning. One of them is a calendar that comes as a default app on your Apple devices and the other one is Structured. Structured is a new app, I started to use it in December of 2021, I am really in love with the app you will love it too if you are liking to plan daily by the hour. It’s compatible with your Mac,iPad & iPhone. This is not the sponsored video by them I genuinely like the app.

    Are you preferring the weekly or daily spread of the day in your planner?

    At the moment I am sort of back to school for 20 more days if you are interested in seeing who I am studying and writing scripts, let me know I’ll gladly show you that in one of my next videos. 

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