What are 'micro adventures'?

    Here’s a little #throwbackto December and one of the most adventuress days I’ve had in my life. Woke up at 03:30 to hike lions head, to be at seapoint by 9am to kayak along the coast for a friends birthday. Both 2 incredible experiences with memories that will last a life time. 

    What I actually want to talk about in this post is about “micro adventures”, a word a special person taught me. Weekly adventures that don’t cost thousands of rands, doesn’t include flight tickets to different countries, but just getting out in nature and making memories :) It’s something I even included in my ebook, 1 compulsory day of getting outside, I don’t care if it’s a park run, a hike up a mountain, a walk along the beach, a bike ride around your neighborhood, learning how to surf, kicking a ball with your siblings, taking your dog for a walk or exploring a new area or town by foot. 

    The importance of making little memories along the way is what makes life worth it! 

    1. It’s a reminder to live in the now, and not to always just save for the “big” holidays but to appreciate what we have around us and in what a amazing country we live in.

    2. And to connect f2f with those people around us, partners, friends, family or pets. There is no good bonding session like a few hours spent one on one with someone you love in a relaxed environment. Preferably with your put phones away. ??‍♀️ Make time to be in nature, and to move your body in a low impact fun way without even making it feel like your working out. ???

    (Bonus points for breaking a sweat)

    What are everyone’s plans for this weekend, and what adventures will you go on? I would love some suggestions!

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