What You Should Know About the Interior Design of a Small Apartment

What You Should Know About the Interior Design of a Small Apartment

    The interior design of a small apartment involves an attempt to accommodate many necessary rooms, such as a kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc., in one small area. If the area allows, then there will be no problems. But if space is limited, you need to develop a design for a small apartment that will help combine all the necessary zones and ensure comfortable living.

    Where to start developing the interior design of a small apartment?

    In order to make the most of the space, you must first draw up an interior design project for a small apartment, which includes a detailed layout in which every centimeter of space will be used. The main goal of the design is to enlarge a small apartment and zoning the space visually.

    The apartment should be divided into functional areas: living room, bedroom, workspace, etc. The furniture should correspond to the purpose of the room: a bed should be installed in the bedroom, a table and armchairs or chairs in the living room, and a desk and computer in the study. The division of space is carried out using various lamps, furniture, or special means, for example, a partition or a podium.

    It is more difficult to develop the interior design of a small apartment for a family with a child since, in this case, it is necessary to provide two important areas - the children's room and the living room. This can be done using special partitions or screens, which are very mobile. They are easy to install or move to another location.

    Is it worth creating a modern interior design for a small apartment by tearing down partitions?

    If you remove existing partitions or non-load-bearing walls, you can get studio space, which is very popular. There are many interior design ideas for a small studio apartment.

    You will have to spend a lot of money to get the luxury interior and design in a small studio apartment. The difference between this design is that there are usually only 2 doors: at the apartment entrance and the bathroom. This interior option will be most suitable for those who live alone or like to gather guests.

    In an apartment with many rooms, you can get absolutely amazing interiors. For example, when combining a kitchen with a living room or hallway or connecting a corridor with a living room.

    This interior design has many advantages. Firstly, it will allow you to accommodate the whole family at the dining table, because usually, the kitchen area does not allow this. Secondly, it will give the room newness.

    When thinking through the interior design of a small apartment, it is worth considering that removing partitions can lead to a decrease in the overall temperature of the resulting room. To solve this problem, it is necessary to provide insulation for the floor and walls, change heating radiators, and install triple-glazed windows.

    Colors in the interior design of a small apartment

    The main task of any small apartment renovation is to increase the space visually. The color scheme of the interior design helps to solve it in many ways. To visually increase the room's height, you need to paint the ceiling white. Wallpaper or paint in light pastel shades is an ideal solution for wall decoration.

    The design of a small apartment should be made in one color scheme, but you can use different shades to zone the space: make one part lighter and the other darker. Remember that you should not overuse dark and bright colors, as they make the room “heavier”.

    Pistachio has become one of the most popular colors recently. There are many shades of this color. You can create color transitions that will highlight individual zones. Another popular color among designers is pink. Contrary to the stereotype, this shade in the interior will not make the room too feminine.

    Furniture in the interior design of a small apartment in a modern style

    A spacious closet with a large number of compartments, allowing you to store all your things in an organized and not chaotic manner, would be an excellent option for a small room. The advantage of a wardrobe is that it can accommodate many things. And if you also install mirrors on the closet door, this will visually make the room larger. This setting will fit perfectly into the design of a small bedroom in a small apartment.

    To make the design of a small apartment successful, you need to choose the right furniture. It doesn’t always make sense to buy ready-made sets in stores; you can order the necessary furniture that will meet all the planning requirements of even a small apartment and will fit into any interior design.

    There is one simple secret in the design of a small apartment: if you focus on the windows, you can divert attention from the rest of the interior. Therefore, if you choose suitable fabrics for the windows, then a major renovation may not be necessary since the interior will already look different.

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