Who Should You Date? Guys Stereotypes Uncovered

Who Should You Date? Guys Stereotypes Uncovered

    Living in a globalized world, it has become easier than ever to connect with people from all over the world. Although technology can blend the distance and brings us closer, it does not consider the cultural aspects that shape us into who we are.

    Let’s admit it: we all know this guy from a different country who is totally boyfriend material, but his behavior is just so different from yours. Why is he expecting you to text first? Are you splitting the bill on the first date? Why doesn’t he hold your hand in public?

    No matter how many times you’ve asked yourself these questions, let me assure you, you’re not the only one. If you’re living in a foreign country, or you’re texting international hotties through Tinder, cultural differences are always present, no matter how much you like someone. However, before completely giving up, I urge you to read these typical stereotypes about men. Although cliché, there is some truth in them.

    By the end, I hope this article finally helps you understand some of the unusual behavior you have tried to understand for so long!

    Dutch Guys – cold beauties 

    They don’t approach first - If you’re living in the Netherlands or you’re just visiting, you can immediately rule out guys approaching you first. Although it does happen, it is very common for women to approach men as well. Since the Netherlands has a very egalitarian society, women like to take things in their own hands and make the first move. As Dutch guys have gotten totally used to this, it sometimes seems like they don’t even know how to approach. So, next time you’re in a club, and a handsome, tall guy, is checking you out, do not lose your time waiting, but casually start a chat!

    They don’t show PDA - Dutch couples respect each other and care for each other, but rarely manifest physical affection in the public eye. You will rarely see them passionately kissing or being very close to each other, which is a general behavior present in Northern European countries. When talking to a Dutchie for the first time, you might as well skip all the flirting, as they either won’t notice it nor will they understand it. Instead, be as direct and honest as possible, and they will truly appreciate this. As an international, it might be challenging to understand Dutch guys, but after some time, you will realize whether it is meant to be, or not.

    Looks - When it comes to looks, the less effort, the better.  It can be difficult to adapt to this, especially if you are from a country where so much emphasis is put on looks. No matter the occasion or time of the day, Dutch guys generally prefer the least amount of makeup, a simple pair of jeans, and sneakers! The natural look is the go-to option, and when I say natural, I really mean it in the most primitive sense! Find look inspiration in this tutorial.

    Split the bill - There is a stereotype that Dutch people are cheap, but I actually think they are just being very responsible when it comes to their finances! Although Dutch guys often pay for the first date, don’t be surprised if he asks you to pay on the next date! After all, it is all about equality, and splitting the bill!

    British Guys – charming drinkers

    Booze is a must- Brits are as cold, but once you get to know them, they are very friendly. When going on a date with a British guy, there will most likely be some alcohol involved, and after several drinks, your date will be more relaxed, and even more prone to showing some affection. Day dates are also very rare, so get ready for a nice night out!

    They will pay on the first date- For them, this is a way of showing their politeness, so when a British guy wants to pay for your drink, let him do it! Manners are really important for Brits, and no matter what type of guy he is, he will never forget to use the words ‘thank you’ and ‘please’, which sounds amazing, especially with their sexy British accent.

    They won’t directly ask you for a date – It is quite common to go on a first date with someone you already know, or from the same group of friends! Brits won’t directly invite you for a date but will first try to get to know you as a friend.  Also, double dates are totally not a thing among them, at least in the beginning, as they like to keep their relations and dates private.

    They hide their emotions - At first, it might be difficult to figure out if they like you or not, because they are not really very used to talk about their emotions. Fortunately, in the friend making process, things will start to get clear.  Once in a relationship, you might find British guys are less needy than other nationalities. That does not mean they don’t like you, but they rather try to keep their romantic life and friend groups separately!

    They have great style – They have a very classy/smart style, and compared to the Dutchies, they put much more effort into their looks. A lot of people go on a date after work, so I encourage you to wear a nice dress and makeup! To find out more on dating British guys, check this site.

    Italian Guys – affectionate players

    There is a lot of PDA – Italian guys are really passionate, which sounds amazing at first, but if you come from a country where that is not the case, you might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. Therefore, it is important for you to explain to your date you are not used to so much affection.  However, avoiding PDA with Italians will be very, very difficult as they are very emotional. Instead of avoiding a loud argument, which he will see as a way of expressing his opinion, try to enjoy the presence of a man who actually shows his feelings.

    They will take the initiative – and invite you for a date. And it will be very obvious it is a date. They will probably give you a lot of compliments, but they don’t necessarily expect any in return. When on your first date, they will almost always pay, as they love acting like gentlemen.

    They are jealous – and will clearly let you know what is on their mind. They are loud and proud, and if something is bothering them, they will indeed let you know. You might be shocked by the level of directness at first, but at least, there won’t be any need for second-guessing their thoughts.

    There are some double standards - Italians just love women, they appreciate their beauty and never shy away from compliments. Unfortunately, they are infamous for their infidelity.

    Italian guys are Casanovas, but once they are looking for a marriage, they want to find their ideal innocent princess they will love the most. After their mother, obviously (Are you dating a mama’s boy? Find out here!).

    They have great style – and always look on fleek. However, the stereotype they are all crazy about fashion is not so true. They will look fashionable but in an effortless way.

    Russian Guys – tough gentlemen 

    They are romantic – even though they might not look like it, and seem to act like ‘tough guys’, this is not the case when they are with a woman they like.  They won’t be shy, and they will show affection openly. As most Russian guys have an important female figure in their life, usually their mother or grandma, they are used to showing their softer side, but only towards women close to them.

    They will always pay on the first date – and this is a matter of honor. Even if the woman invites them for a date, or they are super broke, they will still always insist to pay on the first date. Trying to convince them otherwise just won’t work. Giving gifts to women is also quite common, so don’t be surprised if he brings you a nice present as a sign of affection.

    They will never complain - no matter the circumstances. If a guy is bothered by something, he will rarely say it, unless you squeeze it out of him. Russian guys are raised as tough guys, so talking about emotions is challenging. The only time you will hear them whining is when they have a cold, aka ‘man flu’, since they act as if they are about to die.

    They are gentlemen - and will always help a woman, even without her asking for help. That often includes carrying heavy bags, fixing something, or any other activities where they can show off with their muscles. So, let them do all the hard work, they will be very proud afterward!

    *The characteristics of Russian guys can also be applied to Balkan guys, who act and think in a very similar way!

    Although dating someone from a different country is challenging, when you get to know your partner, you can have an amazing relationship. Showing tolerance and patience is required, which can, in turn, result in a strong, unique and beautiful bond between the two of you. Have you noticed these stereotypes if you were dating some of these guys? Who fits your needs the best? Share your experiences! 

    To find out about the history of dating, check this article.

    *This article presents the common stereotypes of some nations, so take it with a grain of salt. 




    • Michaela O Michaela O : It's kind of funny, I dated a French guy once and because of French stereotypes I kind of expected him to be very romantic and philosophical an in-touch with his feelings. So not the case! He was kind of lazy and stoic and preferred to stay home and play video games. Kind of an eye-opener. People are individuals, no matter where they're from it seems!
      4 years ago 
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