Why Blogging Is the Ideal Activity for Multipassionate Women!

Why Blogging Is the Ideal Activity for Multipassionate Women!

    Can you imagine yourself as a blogger? Is it something you'd like to do?

    I have to admit that I had never ever seen myself blogging... And now I'm so shocked that I didn't start before!!

    If you're something like me, you have lots of ideas, you love to learn new things, and you can't stand the idea of doing the same thing day after day after day... Can you imagine sitting in the same office doing the same boring job until you retire?? I can't!

    Some people used to grin at me - and still do - when I said that a was starting a new course, a new job or that I was giving my life a new direction. "Again?!" - Some would say. It makes you feel a bit ashamed, right?? Well, until I heard a word which I automatically identified myself with: multipassionate - someone with a lot of passions. Isn't that an awesome way to call yourself? 

    Anyway, back at blogging: What I've discovered is that I can wear as many hats as I want. And there are A LOT of hats to wear. For me, blogging means creativity, writing, design, social media, strategizing (love creating new strategies!!), online marketing, personal relationships, communication... and I could keep on for hours! Well, maybe not that much   

    So, if you're looking for a new career that allows you to develop all those creative vibes of yours, blogging is something you should definitely take into account! And I'm not talking about hobby blogging, but about having a blog as a business.

    I wanted to take it seriously from the very beginning, so I joined Elite Blog Academy and started with them from scratch. They only open once a year but if you join the waiting list, you'll be amazed at the tons of free info that you'll get   

    What about you? Have you already started your own blog? How often do you publish your content? You know that publishing regularly is rule #1 to start a blog, right?

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