Your Weekly Spiritual Guidance 25/10/2020 to 1/11/2020

Your Weekly Spiritual Guidance 25/10/2020 to 1/11/2020

    Good Afternoon all . 

    Its that time of the week again what does the universe have in store for you. 

    I really enjoy doing these weekly blog posts and I know my readers on my blog and everyone at fashion potluck also loves reading them too. 

    So lets see what the universe has to share with us all this week. 

    Lets get the  legal formalities out the way firstly all my weekly spiritual guidance blog posts are for entertaiment purpose only . 

    All signs and elements are included take what resonates and leave the rest. 

    Starting with my weekly vision message...

    Its a hot summers day , I'm walking up a small winding path.

    The birds tweeting and there are butterflies dancing amongst the flowers, the grass is the perfect shade of green, and the sky is so blue there isn't a cloud in sight. 

    As I'm walking up the path I see a old wooden bridge ahead it looked a little unsteady. 

    Before I cross the bridge I hesitate , my heart starts to race and my mind fills with fear. 

    What if I fall , what if I get hurt....

    As I am standing on the edge of the path along come's a little boy and a dog. 

    He asks me why do you hesitate to cross the bridge lady ? 

    I simply replied because I'm scared and I fear that I may get hurt, The boy replied but how will you continue your journey without crossing the bridge. 

    You can't stay where you are you must move forward.. 

    Without hesitation the boy skipped over the bridge with a smile the dog followed closely behind him. 

    When the boy reached the other side, he shouted over to me "See it wasn't so bad after all , if I can do it so can you. 

    You just need to let go of fear and have faith.  

    Within this message I feel a lot of people are fearing the unknown and the uncertainty of their own futures, Fear fuels negativity and negativity spreads like a wildfire from one person to the next. 

    It present times I know people are tired and fearful but what the universe want's you all to know is that you are all free spirits , you all have control over your own destiny let go of that fear and the negativity allow yourselves time to heal from the past.

    Only then will you allow yourself to be at peace. 

    Let the light of positivity shine your way forward without fear you can accomplish anything & have faith in yourself. 

    1st Card

    When the Moon card is reversed  it symbolizes discovering deception before damage can be done, trifling mistakes, and taking advantage of someone.

     It's the releasing of negativity and the letting go of fears.

     Your problems will lighten and you'll emerge with newfound confidence and clarity.

    The Moon card in love is one of insecurity cards . 

    If you're single, try to keep your wits about you with your new love interest to make sure everything is on the up and up.

     If you're in a relationship, it might be time to examine if this is exactly what you want. 

    Maybe you look like the perfect couple on the outside, but there's another story behind closed doors.

    2nd Card 

    When the Justice card is upright  it symbolizes harmony, balance, equality, righteousness, virtue, honour, and advice.

     It can also mean a time for adjustments, as well as an opportunity to bring physical, emotional, social, and spiritual things back into balance.

     It also means it is time to stand tall and strong against the things that might be trying to throw you off balance.

    The Justice card in a love is a portent of true, honest love. 

    If you're single, it could mean that someone with a background in the law is coming into your life.

     If you're in a relationship, the Justice card will shine a light on the actions of you and your partner. Are you both acting in a fair and just manner?

    3rd Card 

    When the Devil card is upright it symbolizes downfall, unexpected failure, controversy, violence, disaster, an ill-tempered person, and weird or strange experiences. 

    The Devil card warns you not to be too restrained but to be passionate and ambitious. You are restrained because you allow yourself to be.

    The Devil card in love can be somewhat complicated. 

    If you're single, it can indicate that you want to be loved but are unsure of how. 

    It might also signal that you're using sex as a stand-in for true intimacy and might do best if you took a step back to re-evaluate what you really want in a relationship.

     If you're in a relationship, it might indicate that you feel suffocated, trapped, or are overly co-dependent, which should be addressed if you want to move into a place of relationship health.

    4th Card 

    When the Seven of Pentacles is upright and  it means it is time to catch your breath after a lot of activity. 

    It's time to assess your work and what you get from that work.

     Maybe you've been so busy that you haven't taken the time to reflect on what you've accomplished. This is the time to take stock of your situation and make sure you're getting the results you want.

    The Seven of Pentacles in love is an indication that you can manifest what you want.

     If you're single, you should reflect on past relationships to understand what you want out of a future love.

     If you're in a relationship, this card usually means that the work you've been putting into your relationship will pay off very soon.

    5th Card 

    When the Four of Swords is reversed  it can mean you are finally finding the strength to get through (or out of) something. 

    It can also indicate that you're ready to address stress, anxiety, and other things that worry you. 

    It can also mean taking care of yourself after a long time of not doing so.

    The Four of Swords in  love is an indication that you are ready to connect or reconnect. 

    If you're single, it means you might want to take some time to figure out exactly what you want in a partner before welcoming someone new into your life. 

    If you're in a relationship, you are entering a period of peacefulness with your partner.

    6th Card

    When the Seven of Wands is reversed  it means turning your back on your own truths and beliefs and convictions.

     It can also represent making a compromise or being unpopular.

    Let the conflict go. 

    Fight only if it is worth fighting, even if you've already invested time and energy in it.

     If your cause is just, stand by your convictions as indicated by the Seven of Wands.

    The Seven of Wands in a love ,If you're single, it might mean that you're going to have to work very hard to get the person you desire. 

    If you're in a relationship, be prepared to fight for what you want and need.

    Bottom of the deck 

    When the Hermit card is upright it symbolizes counsel, inner strength, prudence, caution, vigilance, patience, and withdrawal.

     You might be impatient with people who cannot see what you can see, and you may have a desire to be alone.

     You are diving deep and figuring things out for yourself.

    It might mean you need to be alone to do the self-reflection that's necessary right now.

    The Hermit card in a  love is an indication of a fresh start. 

    If you're single and you've recently retreated (perhaps due to previous heartbreak), you're finally ready to put your heart back out there. 

    If you're in a relationship, it might mean you and your partner need to focus on each other. Independence is good, but there's a reason you're together.

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