○Create Art Make Love○ Denim Jacket

Product details: Julia Mitereva Jackets

○Create Art Make Love○ Denim Jacket

    Good Monday afternoon!✨ Summery #ootd with Julia Mitereva Jacketsis ready!  

    ○ Denim Jacket is a garment you wear in spring, in summer, during warm fall days, and even during your winter holidays in Cuba, isn’t it? ○

    ○ Julia Mitereva Jackets are the unique denim jackets, with a story and a meaning behind each one of them. All the jackets are hand-painted, using the best quality textile paint; all the designs are unique and exclusive ○

    What’s this about?
    ○ High-quality vintage jackets
    ○ 100% jeans
    ○ Unique and exclusive designs
    ○ Hiqh-quality painting
    ○ Sustainable fashion pieces

    Check out the Facebook page to see more jackets and get in touch: https://www.facebook.com/juliamiterevajackets/

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