Fall Nail Ideas | Manicure Ideas Trending This Season

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Fall Nail Ideas | Manicure Ideas Trending This Season

    I am not sure about you, but I love manicures. A good manicure serves as inspiration, meditation, and a self-care ritual for me. My first post here at Fashion Potluck would have to be about nails since in Fall I especially take care of my nails and need some extra beauty around. In this post, I want to share some manicure trends and ideas that I found interesting and in some ways fascinating.

    I want to start with one of the most unique nail designs I stumbled upon lately. Also, the one from the main image of this post. 

    1) Watercolor Nails

    I would think that it would be hard to create a DIY watercolor manicure since it seems quite exquisite and unique. But, if you are regularly visiting nail bars, you can easily opt for this design. I am not sure if it's just me, but I find this manicure SO beautiful! Cannot take my eyes off it. How about you?

    This is something I will most definitely try out this season. On some gloomy days, that's exactly what I need, to grab a cup of matcha latter and look at my beautiful nails. It's all about the small things, right?  

    2) Blue Nails for the Blue Days

    Sounds a bit depressive, but it works quite the contrary. This Fall we will see a lot of blue nails around us. Electric blue, baby blue, cornflower blue (don't ask me how I came up with this color name), and so many more shades. These shades of blue will fit anyone and can be easily done at home. Once, I painted my nails in electric blue and could not take my eyes off them for the whole month. So unusual and beautiful! Curious which one of these shades you like the most:

    3) Green Nails

    Green manicure of all shades is also here to stay for a while. It's merging from the spring trends into the summer, and now fall trends. It follows the zeitgeist of eco-friendliness, freshness, happiness. We will keep seeing all shades of green around:

    The last manicure idea is quite interesting as well, don't you think? This leads me to the next manicure idea for this fall: glitter nails!

    4) Glitter Nails

    Glitter manicure gives you the feeling of celebration, holidays, sparkles. It's unusual to wear it every day and might even get tiring, but could be an awesome idea for Halloween week or Thanksgiving week. Here's the more minimal manicure design that I loved:

    5) Minimal Designs

    Last but not least, I want to mention the trend I loved for years now. Minimalistic manicure with some minimal design elements. These can include dots, phrases, geometric figures. The main idea for this is to look minimal and 'clean'. Here are some of the examples I found:

    Bonus: Candy Nails

    Here's the manicure idea I stumbled upon last minute. The main idea of candy nails is that they have a thin layer of gel and a very glossy top coat. They look semi-transparent reminding of candy or a lollipop. Looks quite cool, don't you think?

    Hey, it's been a lot of fun sharing my thoughts and ideas with you! I am curious to find out which manicure trends of fall 2021 is your most favorite one? Let's discuss this in the comments.  

    • Tina C Tina C :

      These are beautiful! I love the blue colors but my favorite fall colors are burgundy and deep red.

      2 years ago 
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