From dull to creative!

    There must be a better way to style the "at first sight" dull tulle skirt, right? 

    Why would somebody who wants to sell fashion would style it that poorly, I am asking and if anybody knows, please drop me a comment. Or maybe there are other perspectives which I lack to see   .

    Either-way, when I saw the tulle skirt during my virtual shopping trip, I've challenged myself to come up with something more excited, something interesting, more creative. 

    Here is what I came up with: 

    These few styling tips kept me accompanied:

      Mid-calf skirt from light material look great with sturdy flat shoes or the chunky heels and oversized or semi-fitted tops.

      In general (of course there are exceptions) your skirt or dress should finish at the same length as the length of your coat - they should never peek out more than a centimeter from under your outerwear. Why? To avoid a disproportionate look. 

      never create head to toe look from the same brand. As Helmut Newton would say "it is the worst that can happen to a creative person". It is a boring and safe option, it does not reflect any effort, any imagination. Don't let the store merchandisers trick you into buying off the style from the rack - there is nothing personal and authentic in it."

    What do you say? 

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