Grunge inspired, yet feminine!

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Grunge inspired, yet feminine!

    When I started to experiment with fashion in my 16, it was all about grunge style. I would wear oversized sweatshirts and layered them so that one could serve as outerwear even in the coldest days.

    I still dare to say, that period was the best time of my life. I had everything and nothing. I was young, I was free, I was running away from home at nights to come back before my parents woke up, just to be me and experience “the best night ever” over and over again. And even when the grunge came from so called “accidental fashion icon” Kurt Cobain it was not him who influenced me, but my dear friend. He not only shaped my style (unconsciously), but me as a person too. When he died, part of me died with him and the other part has kept trying to make up for everything he couldn't be or couldn't live. To me he was special and always will be.

    … And so, who I once was plays a part on who I became. In every aspect. And that is how it should be. We are the memory of our past self and mirror of who we want to be.

    Who do you want to be? Who are you? And - does your style reflect it?

    Check the shop-able version of the video above on my shopshare.tv channel if you are curious how does it work. It is a great tool which allows me to come closer to you and you to come closer to pieces you want to shop. 

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