How to shop for clothes that fit my style?

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How to shop for clothes that fit my style?

    How liberating it is to have a clear understanding of your style! Not only that it leaves you to feel instantly confident in what you wear, but also in styling the look on your own. With the style narratives, it is much easier to shop for new pieces, too, right? 

    BUT (there is always a “BUT”)




    Then there is another challenge: you know exactly what you want to create visually, BUT it is not always so easy to find in shops, is it? 




    Do they sell that cut I am looking for, and if so, where? Do they have it in the right color or size? Are all the details (stitching, hems, buttons, collars, etc.) exactly how I imagined them - or will I need to compromise? 

    So yes, I get it. This can be as frustrating as not “having the style” at all. 

    But never ever compromise, if it does not feel right. 

    OR … Think about how you can transform the garment in the way it would serve you the best! 

    I was just watching “Next in Fashion” (yes, again haha) and Tan France was wearing the suit for 75 dollars, tailored to perfection. “Make your tailor your best friend,” he said and he could not be more right. 

    When you like the garment but it does not fit entirely into your style, make it do so! I know, I know it requires extra energy, extra investment. But I tell you what - if it is the right piece, it guarantees a timeless long-life addition to your closet. And who knows, maybe you can revamp the vibe yourself, simply by changing the buttons, adding the collar, cutting the sleeves, embroidering, whatever you are brave to do! 

    So here is a demonstration of how an easy act can change the vibe of the piece of clothes entirely. From natural to more sophisticated and elegant. Can you see it? 

    Also, adding some styling inspiration below: 

    Which one of the looks do you like the most?

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    Love, Zany!

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