Hey Babes! Today was trying a new different post (about fashion) This is my first post about fashion so excited to share my favorite and I was so nervous because I haven’t write any about fashion before. 

    So first I want to start with Jumpsuit, because where I from is Asian, so it is quite hot and summer day all the time and I really don’t like to wear long pants during the hot day, but the jumpsuit is a different type with long pants which i would really like to try for it. So i found some and sharing at my blog. they look so much comfort. even the price is really comfier and cheaper than I thought!

    And the next we have some beautiful dress, Recently been in love with Monki because they have so many types of different dress is that gorgeous right? Like Retro. Recently I also really enjoy the retro design so much too! Haha

    The last part is about shoes. I love wearing sports shoe so much more than high heels, probably I’m walking to fast so I really think sports shoe is more suited for me. And then I got you my favorite one Adidas is was really one of my favorites and I love the design so much!

    My Current Wish List

    So here is my wish list so far ☝️ I hope you enjoy my first post about fashion.

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    Love, Jess

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