My Fashion Fears Over the Years

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My Fashion Fears Over the Years

    For those who have fashion phobias, you’re not alone! People, especially girls and women, worry about being fashion forward. I see it every time I walk past a high school. All the girls have similar bags and the guys have similar haircuts. Same, same same.

    Fitting in

    Why this need to fit in? When I was in high school I was not like the rest. I wore modest clothing: skirts below knee-length, no boob-tops and no make-up. Yes, I would sneak some lipstick and eyeliner from time to time but I still felt isolated by the clothes I had to wear. I clearly didn’t look like the cool kids.

    Influences at home

    My parents were old school. They told me that looks didn’t matter and that school was for learning. It makes sense, yeah, yeah, but I didn’t feel better and I felt like I needed to be on my own to see what my style would be like if left to my own devices.

    Free at uni - experimenting

    So I left. I went to university far away and bought whatever I liked. At first I was afraid of wearing bright colors because I didn’t want to stand out too much. I wore loose clothing and dressed like a boy. And then magic, I discovered partying! Then came the booby tops and tiny shorts and high heels and fun with makeup! Fortunately I’ve always been creative so color matching and doing makeup came naturally. But what was my own personal style?

    Discovering the secret

    After graduating I traveled and worked, all the while soaking up influences. I became interested in finding what makes me happy. I wore whatever I needed to suit the climate or event. I learned what I felt comfortable in and that the way clothes look on the hanger is not comparable to what it looks like when I try them on. I learned I had a short torso and a great head for hats. I learned to try and to laugh when things go horribly wrong. I learned that my parents were right (don’t tell them I said that!). 

    I learned that I’m not fashionable. Fashion is what is popular at a certain time or situation. That’s just not me. I’m not popular, but I’m loved. And my style is practical and comfortable, with a hint of class - I call it “hobo chique”.

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