My favorite fall to winter transition outfits

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My favorite fall to winter transition outfits

    When I was really young, in highschool to be more precise, like many teenagers, I was insecure and always wanted to look good. Unfortunately, the heavy winter clothes were not following the “sexy” criteria, so almost always I was underdressed and cold. Today I wouldn’t do that if my life would depend on that. My comfort and health always come first.

    I live in a country, where we (still) have 4 seasons. Nowadays we don’t get that much snow during the winter, but we do get the cold air waves from the north of the continent. Starting from November the weather is changing to a more rainy and cold-ish type, so adjusting the outfits is a must. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits to wear when the weather is not the best.

    1. Rubber boots, jeans and a vest

    When the temperature is above 10oC and when the mud is all around me, I like to go back to my childhood hobby of horse riding and try an outfit inspired from there. Turns out, the rubber boots are not that bad and can be even stylish. 

    2. Equestrian boots, wool sweater and a leather jacket 

    Given the fact that I live in an area where it rains a lot, yet the temperatures are not that low, I like to balance my outfits with a lighter jacked, in this case a black (faux) leather one and a pair of equestrian boots. Both items are timeless for me and can be worn season after season. Usually I like to add a wool, cashmere or alpaca (blend) sweater to make sure it keeps me warm enough. 

    3. UGG boots with a furry coat 

    This can be for cooler dry days when you want to be able to walk and stay outdoor for hours. It is during these days that I default to my favorite casual looks, my trusted UGG boots with a soft fluffy coat. To complete the look, I go for skinny jeans and a basic turtleneck top.  

    4. Cargo boots, (faux) leather pants and a teddy coat 

    For all my rocker ladies, I have one of my favorite outfits, that combines the leather pants with the cargo boots. From here, I can go for the more feminine look with a coat / trench or for the bicker style with a leather jacket. Depending on who I want to scare that day. I went for a teddy coat that is so soft and warm.

    5. Leopard boots and white jeans 

    For those days when I want to dress up a little bit, I go for a combination of creamy white, brown and leopard. A print that can be both trash and classic, depending on how you wear it. Personally I love to add the print as the “it” piece and complement the look with basics, solid colors. This year I went for a pair of sock boots, alpaca sweater and white jeans.  

    • Silvia C Silvia C :

      Loving those equestrian boots! So true, a timeless staple for transitional weather    Loving that furry side-kick too, have to say   

      3 years ago 
      • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

        thank you hun   Fox is giving me a paw with the photos these days <3

        3 years ago 
    • Kane W Kane W :

      Fall and winter are two distinct seasons, but your wardrobe doesn't have to be cold. Here are some tips for making your transition from summer to fall easy. First, consider the fabric of your clothes. Lighter fabrics are easier to transition into. If you are in search of the best cloth brands, you will love LevisFor example, a light sweater in an earth tone will go well with a crisp white button down. Lighter colors and fabrics will allow you to wear heavier layers under them. 

      Think about your wardrobe hero pieces. These pieces are the foundations of your outfits. These items are essential for making every look work, so you should invest in them. Whether you choose to wear a statement piece or conceal your Adam's apple, these pieces are important wardrobe essentials. You should also invest in quality, versatile pieces at a price you can afford. The perfect transition outfit will be easy to pull together and look fabulous.

      First, you should switch out pastels. These colors are too warm and may make you look like a hippy. You should also remove bright whites from your winter wardrobe. While white is a great neutral, it will be chilly and drab for the rest of the year. Try wearing boots and light layers to help you transition from summer to fall. If you are unsure of what colors to wear, check out 60 Second News. This site provides short, unbiased news updates.

      During transition seasons, it is crucial to purchase items that will last through the transition. Buying items that are versatile, but not necessarily expensive, can make the transition easier. For instance, a floral blouse with dark-wash jeans is a transitional piece. Layering pieces such as a sweater dress or cardigan can also keep you warm in the cold weather, while still looking stylish in the dry heat of the indoors.

      1 year ago 
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