Petite lovers of cropped pants!

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Petite lovers of cropped pants!

    Are you petite? Do your legs appear shorter compared to your upper body? Have you wondered why cropped pants do not always look very flattering on you? 

    Cropped pants can really do a lot of harm - in general, they visually shorten the leg. But if you love them, you need to make it work!

    Styling, as I see it, is not about telling you what to wear and what not to wear. Instead, understanding how to appropriately break the fashion rules that you can wear pieces you love successfully. 

    If cropped style trousers, wear them high waisted which creates the illusion that your legs start from your waistline and this visually elongates. Wear them with cropped tops or with a top tucked in to highlight that high waistline.

    Try to bring attention to the upper body - by wearing brighter and lighter colors, eye-catching necklaces, scarves, necklines, or even bold lipstick.

    If this is your style, pair the trousers with socks and shoes in the same color and thus create the monochrome look on the bottom part, maximize the illusion of longer legs and minimize the shortening effect. You can go for an overall monochrome look - it would only add visually some extra centimeters. Avoid strap ankle shoes (this would visually shorten the leg) and vote for pointed shoes or high heels.

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    Your, Zany!

    • Julia M Julia M :

      Love these! Cropped & high-waisted pants are one of my fave styles & one of the styles that really fit my body type. Yet, lately, I started wearing high-waisted & very long, also love those. What do you think about the long pants?

      3 years ago 
    • Zany P Zany P :

      Thanks for sharing Julia! 

      You know, most of the time is a matter of preferences, right? There is a lot of types of long trousers and I bet every figure would find some which would flatter! And the right styling helps as well! After all, it is about what silhouette you want to achieve.
      Also, pay attention to the material (for those bottom-heavy heavier materials can add extra bulk, etc.), color (I'll tell you a secret: the human eye sees bright and light colors first - so if you EG want to highlight your lower body features you can play with colors), lines (lines do not need to be only a striped pattern, it can be a crease, pleat, buttons, etc. - so make sure you visually elongate or widen what you want to), cut (straight, peg top, boot cut, bell bottom, wide leg) ... the list goes on and on :)

      3 years ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Great tips, Zany! I'm a big fan of both ankle pants and cropped pants. I loved reading your tips in the above comment too!

      2 years ago 
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