Revealed >> Why you might feel style confused?

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Revealed >> Why you might feel style confused?

    I’ve been talking a lot about style being a tool for expressing who we are. And, I need to admit, the more I think about it, the more confusing it might sound. 

    “Who am I? Do I know that? How do I define it? And how the hell do I pick the clothes that communicate it? And you say this should be fun? Instead, I find myself stressed by the possibility of not getting it right.” Does that sound familiar?

    So let’s think about it this way

    ↓ ↓ ↓

    Your clothing choices tell the truth about how you feel and what you think about yourself. On a deeper level. 

    But be careful, they work the other way around too - they can drag you down to believe you are something you are not (if you allow them to). 

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    Imagine you were a breastfeeding mother. That’s the fact. It is your new role and this is what you have become. You start wearing breastfeeding clothes because this is who you are now, right? Possibly, the tiny “limiting belief” voice whispers that you should be wearing breastfeeding clothes, too. 

    So you do everything “right” but still, it feels weird. The colors are strange, the silhouette is different from what you were used to and everything looks so basic that somehow you feel unimportant. 

    And maybe you start doubting yourself. Are you even a good mother? Maybe you shouldn’t have had kids at all. Everything looks buggy on you. The questions go on and on and you are confused.

    Is that because your lifestyle is changing and you are still in the process of the adjustment? So you just need to give yourself time to start liking your new identity? Your new clothes?

    Well, yes, lifestyle plays a big role in your style journey but you should not sacrifice your style, ever! Style is an unnecessary part of your identity. Even when you become a mother your identity shifts but think about it as a part of evolution. Thus, your style needs to evolve. But as your “old you” did not die when you became a mother, it will still be part of who you are and therefore part of your style. 

    Put ✋ in the comment if you were ever style confused while going through some change in your life. 

    PS: I am Zany and if you don't know me yet, let's connect on LinkedIn or Instagram to create a powerful relationship!
    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Love, Zany

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Loved reading this post, Zany  How true,  lifestyle changes can have a greater impact on how we feel about ourselves as a woman, which in turn affects how we feel, what we choose to wear, etc. Therefore I feel it is so very important to be more accepting of oneself- no matter what changes we go through. 

      2 years ago 
    • Zany P Zany P :

      Thank you Epsita! I could not wrap it up better! So ladies - whatever changes you go through, both small or big, just accept them, accept the new you, connect with NOW, and make it be the best time of your life   

      2 years ago 
    • Lucy O Lucy O :

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