Styling My SHEICONIC Black Tee with A Body Posi Attitude

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Styling My SHEICONIC Black Tee with A Body Posi Attitude


    We're all created equally beautiful. Cliché but true. No matter the shape, size, height, weight or race, every woman's body is uniquely beautiful. If people all looked the same, we would find beauty boring right? I believe the attributes that make us stand out is what united us as one. Every one has a different feature that contributes to making our world a dynamic place. Don't hide your skin, cellulite, stretch marks, afros, freckles, gaps in your teeth, birth marks or natural scars. Let it shine brightly!

    One of my career goals is to add change to the way women are viewed in the fashion industry. Let's stop seeing the perspective of one body type and deeming it as the only form of body goals. How do we change this mindset? We start promoting ALL body types even in the smallest ways.

    Being body posi is more than an attitude, it's a lifestyle. I learned to embrace my body through a relationship with my Heavenly Father. One of my favorite Bible verses reminds to accept my beauty and everything about myself. 

    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. -139:14 KJV

    No one's beauty is a mistake. It's time we start highlighting EVERY body shape. SHEICONIC promotes body positivity by celebrating ALL stylish women. 

    The SHEICONIC t-shirt is quite comfortable and lightweight. The premium unisex size runs a bit large. The size I'm wearing is Medium. 

    I casually styled my SHEICONIC tee with skinny jeans, velvet skirt and joggers. The shirt looks good with anything and I'm excited to wear it with midi skirts or over a silk dress.

    Pick up your tee and join our community and journey to adding a different perspective to the fashion movement. Cheers to being body posi. Cheers to you being you!?

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