Sweater weather

    Forgive such a large dose of photos, but how, women have the habit, I could not decide whether in a hat or without, or in short hair, or in long hair. Besides, most likely they will be the last picture in such a beautiful winter climate, because unfortunately this year snow does not exist. Today's set is typically winter in this period, I often choose it, changing only the colors of sweaters and skirts. In winter, the most important for me are warm, thick, not biting, preferably oversize sweaters, which may or may not look good. I am so cold, so preferably during this period, I would be wrapped in a quilt or blanket with a cup of something warm in my hand. Sweaters replace me with a warm blanket and the one in today's stylization is just perfect. Very warm, thick with half turtleneck, not biting and very pleasant to the touch. Ideally suited to trousers with high condition leather, wax or even ordinary jeans. The skirt I've chosen for this set is made of a leather-like, soft material with a matte finish. I love these types of skirts in both summer and winter, they are so versatile that they can be worn even for elegant stylizations. I also have a discount coupon for you for a zaful shop on the slogan: LauraZF. I invite you to view photos, follow IG and comment <3


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