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    We all have one or more jewelry pieces we really love and wear on a daily basis. I have three jewelry pieces I wear on repeat. They are all very special to me because of different reasons. You’ve probably seen these pieces on my Instagram already, but I thought it would be fun to write a blog about it. 

    The first jewelry piece I want to highlight is a very special ring. This gorgeous ring belonged to my grandma. She used to wear this ring like a lot. 

    When she passed away I told my mother I wanted to have something special that reminded me of my sweet grandma. So I told her I wanted to have my grandma’s ring if no other family member wanted it. And so they gave me my grandma’s ring and it’s the most special thing I own. 

    The color is stunning, the rock is so gorgeous. But the most beautiful thing about it is that it reminds me of my grandma. She was the most humble person I’ve ever known. She cared about her family so much. She never asked for anything. She was a beautiful human being and a big example for me. 

    I’m so proud to wear her ring. 

    Becoming a mother was the most amazing, beautiful and blessed thing ever. I love Jenoah so much. He’s my world. When I turned 30 Deem asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I really wanted to have a beautiful jewelry piece with Jenoah’s initial. So my boys surprised me with this gorgeous necklace. 

    I’m really into gold jewelry, so they’ve chosen the perfect color. I love to wear this necklace almost daily, because it’s very special to me. 

    I love you Jenoah.

    Cluse x Negin Mirsalehi

    For my 30th birthday the boys also gave me this cute watch by Cluse x Negin Mirsalehi. This watch is so stunning, because of it’s rose gold color, it’s model and it also comes with a velvet dusky pink strap. So they actually gave me two watches for my birthday. I wear the rose gold colored strap the most, because it’s easy to match with why outfits. It’s just a very classy and stylish piece of jewelry and I love it.

    All pictures are made by Demiano Ernesto (ig: demiano.ernesto)

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