Trendy Fall Outfits 2020 - What to Buy and Where to Buy It

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Trendy Fall Outfits 2020 - What to Buy and Where to Buy It

    Now that it’s officially the Fall season, it’s time to break out our sweaters, jackets, and boots. However, with every new season comes new trends, which can feel hard to keep up with. I know that I often feel overhwhlemed once Fall rolls around and I see new styles emerging left and right- I never know what I should buy. This year, I’ve done my research and am going to let you all know what I’ve found to be trending for Fall 2020! 


    Every girl should have a go-to Fall jacket, one that goes with everything and makes an outfit look put together. There are several different styles that have become popular over the past few seasons, one of them being the trench coat. This style is perfect for fall because the material is not too heavy, but the fabric is long enough to keep you warm on a crisp Autumn day. Below, you can see an example of how easy it is to style with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt- it automatically dresses up a casual outfit and makes it look very chic and stylish. 

    This style of coat can be found at countless different stores ranging dramatically in price- below I have compiled a list of places you can find trench coats, organized from least to most expensive.  

    Old Navy$54Water-Resistant Trench Coat
    H&M$59.99Cotton Twill Trenchcoat
    ASOS$95Fashion Union Trench Coat
    Abercrombie$140Drapey Trench Coat
    Everlane$148The Modern Trench Coat

    If you’re in the market for something more eye-catching, plaid coats are also going to be big this season. These can largely be found in thicker materials, such as wool, so they are great for the later fall months. If you’re wearing neutral colors, this coat would be great to throw on to make your outfit pop. As seen below, it’s as easy as wearing over a white t-shirt to make you look on trend. 

    Here are some of the best plaid jackets I’ve found: 

    Target$40Women's Overcoat
    Shein$42Plaid Lapel Collar Double Breasted Coat
    Forever 21$59.99Double-Breasted Plaid Coat
    Levi's$89.98Amaya Coat
    ASOS$103Monki Lou Check Wool Double Breasted Coat
    Bloomingdales $149Sanctuary Carlyle Plaid Coat


    Another must-have item for your Fall wardrobe is a pair of boots. I believe investing in one good pair is the way to go, as a solid color boot can match any outfit and eliminates time spent on deciding what shoes to wear each morning. One big trend recently has been black ankle booties. These are perfect for every day, and come in many different variations, including the chelsea style: 

    And heeled versions: 

    Here are some of the best styles I’ve found currently for sale, again listed in order from lowest to highest price:

    Target$29.99Ellie Chelsea Boots  
    ASOS$42RAID Radar Black Chunky Chelsea Boots
    Macy's$109Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Boots
    Nordstrom$140Vagabond Kenova Lugged Chelsea Boot  

    However, if you are looking for a boot that you can wear for dressier occasions, a big trend for Fall seasons recently has been over the knee boots. These are perfect to wear with a dress or skirt, and are great for the fall because they will cover up the majority of your legs, so you don’t have to worry about feeling chilly. See below how they can be worn with an oversized sweater to make your Autumn outfit look sophisticated and fashionable: 

    These types of boots can often be on the more expensive side, but here are some of the cheaper versions I could find available: 

    Target$39.99Sidney Microsuede Over the Knee Fashion Boots  
    Lulu's$55 Black Suede Over the Knee Boots
    American Eagle$69.95AEO Over The Knee Boot
    Macy's$99Marc Fisher Humor Over-The-Knee Boots


    Jeans are another staple not just for Fall, but for year-round. However, I find myself putting away my jeans for the summer months, only to realize when I take them back out that none of them are in style anymore. There are several styles of jeans that are trendy right now, the first one being the straight leg fit. These jeans are slim through the thigh, and then as the name suggests, fall straight down from the thigh to the ankle. They provide more breathing room than skinny jeans, while still giving you a somewhat fitted look. Personally, these are my current favorite style to wear. Paired with a sweater and boots, they make the perfect addition to an everyday fall outfit: 

    Here are some of the best places to purchase your own pair of straight leg jeans:

    Zara$39.90Hi-Rise Straight Leg Jeans TRF  
    ASOS$56Mid Rise 90s Straight Leg Jeans
    Aritzia$110The Arlo High Rise Straight  
    Madewell$128Stovepipe Crop Jeans

    Another jean style that will be trending this Fall is flared jeans. Originally popular in the 70s, they are making a comeback in 2020, so be prepared to grab yourself a pair! But don’t just take it from me, check out this article that predicts their comeback. These jeans are great if you want to feel trendy, and I personally think they look best with a tighter fitting top. And, if jeans aren't your thing, check out Julia's post on how to wear leather pants, which are also very on trend right now! 

    Here are some places you can purchase your own pair: 

    American Eagle$39.95High-Waisted Artist Flare Jean
    ASOS$56Reclaimed Vintage The '99 Flare Jean
    Everlane$85The Modern Flare Jean
    Banana Republic$119High-Rise Flare Jean

    These are just a few of the items you can buy this Fall season to keep your wardrobe fresh and your outfits on trend- however, there are so many other things you could incorporate to feel stylish! If you're still trying to figure out what kinds of styles suit you best, Bridgette's post on trendy aesthetics might be a great place to start! Let me know what trends you’ve been loving this season and if you've tried out any of the ones I've listed. 

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      Very informative Caroline! I'm a huge lover of knee boots as it brings in a sassy feeling. Thank you for writing this x

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      Love this post Caroline! Love the details. I loveee looking forward to wearing jackets, and boots during fall! They make such a style statement. Thank you for this fall outfit inspiration post <3

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      • Caroline B Caroline B :

        Thank you Epsita! I also always look forward to breaking out my fall clothes, it feels so nice to bundle up in a cozy sweater and jacket!  

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