& Other Stories: My Favorite Cosmetics Review

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& Other Stories: My Favorite Cosmetics Review

    We all love &Other Stories and their great clothes, however, have you tried their cosmetics? Find out more about it in the review of my favorite products!
    About the Brand

    &Other Stories is a fashion brand founded in 2010, and it is part of the H&M Group. The brand grew from the wish to give women the freedom of expression through one brand, and I must say – they are doing a great job! 

    Since their main design ateliers are in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, there is no doubt blending the romantic, creative and pragmatic style results in amazing looks, where every woman can easily find their favorite outfit. 

    They support sustainable fashion!

    What I love about &Other Stories is the effort they are making to cut the environmental footprint in the fashion world, by engaging in more circular and sustainable fashion practices. They have an in-store recycling program where you can get a 10% discount if you return empty packaging, textiles, and clothes. You can read more about their sustainable policies here. 

    Their cosmetics 

    & Other Stories is mostly known for their cool clothes, ( if you’re in the Netherlands, they have up to 70% discounts ATM!) but has anyone noticed how amazing their cosmetics are?! 

    I love when a fashion brand offers cosmetic products as well, and in most cases, they are of very good quality as well. In the last few months, &Other Stories was my go-to destination to find an item I am looking for, and I recently started trying out their cosmetics as well. Most of us are skeptical about buying makeup from a clothing store, but I have decided to give it a go- and I am absolutely loving it! Keep reading my review to find out more about my favorite products! 

    Their amazing fragrances

    I love applying several perfumes on my skin every day, however, I have realized that is not so budget-friendly, so I started combining perfumes with body mists! I love fresh notes and I was using Ted Baker body sprays for a long time, however, I wanted to try something new! If you love refreshing, flowery, body mists, then you should definitely check out the fragrances from &Other Stories. Here are my recommendations:

    Fleur de Mimosa Body Mist & Lotion


    This delicate Fleur de Mimosa Body mist instantly awakens you and it can last up to 5 hours! It quickly dries on your skin, so you won’t remove it with your clothes. For a body mist to last longer, I often put it directly after taking a shower and applying body lotion. In this way, it lasts longer, however, do give your skin some time to dry. You can buy the Fleur de Mimosa Body Mist for only €15, and the bottle can last up to 2 months. 

    To intensify the mimosa scent, I combine the body mist with the Fleur de Mimosa Body Lotion (€9). The lotion has a silky touch, smells amazing, and has a very soft texture which will leave your skin refreshed and smooth. The body lotion consists of bergamot, almond, and meadowfoam seed oil, which provides the necessary moisturization. It also contains sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamin E, as well as Shea Butter, giving it profound skin nutrition. If you fall in love with this scent as much as I did, as a final touch, I recommend buying the Fleur de Mimosa Body Scrub. It will help you exfoliate your skin easily, and you can purchase it for only €12


    I am a big fan of John Frieda products, and it has helped recover my hair as no beauty product ever did!  The brand is affordable, and you can buy the products in most drugstores. I have been using the Frizz Ease Miraculous product line for more than a year, and I would recommend it to everyone! However, after you use a certain product for a long time, it, unfortunately, does not make such a huge difference as it did in the beginning. For this reason, I have started looking for new hair care products that would help keep my hair shiny, healthy, and in perfect shape.  &Other Stories have a good range of hair care products, and you can find something for every hair type. All their products are safe to use on colored hair and are also free from sulfates.  The hair care has three categories: Restore, Universal, and Fulness, allowing you to create whatever look you wish! Here are my favorite products:

    Restore Hair Serum, for €17

    This lightweight hair serum helps to keep your hair smooth and healthy, reducing split ends and frizz. It is formulated without silicone, and it has hydrating vegetable keratin and hibiscus extract, which help nourish your hair. The serum also contains coconut, avocado, and jojoba oil, restoring the damaged hair and restoring its shine. The serum smells amazing, as the base notes are vanilla and sandalwood, topped by coconut water and tangerine. 

    How to use: Apply it on damp or dry hair, 3 times per week for the ideal effect. 

    Fulness Thickening Cream, for €15

    Who does not want full, thick, beautiful hair? J We all do, and this thickening cream really helps you to get this look. It provides lightweight hydration and a soft texture, maximizing the volume of your hair while keeping it moisturized without weighing it down. When I apply the cream, it really helps keep my hair in the same place, and since it contains heat protection, it also easily helps me shape it with a blow dryer. The cream has white cedar wood, praline, and black vanilla, enhancing relaxation. 

    How to use: Apply a small amount on wet hair, from mid-length to ends, and blow dry. You can also apply it on dry hair to give grip and texture. 

    Restore Scalp Scrub, for €15

    I have never tried to use cleansing scrubs on my hair until I tried the Restore Scalp Scrub. The scrub helps deeply exfoliate and sooth the scalp, removing the product build-up and restoring its balance. It also contains a blend of coconut, jojoba and avocado oil which help restore and protect damaged hair. 

    How to use: Wet your hair and apply one tablespoon-sized amount of scrub on your scalp. Gently massage it on your hair for a few minutes, focusing on the front of the scalp. After, take the same amount and apply it to the back area of the scalp. Massage the product throughout the length, towards the ends. Rinse the scrub with warm water and complete the treatment by applying the Restore Intensive Mask.


    I love the natural makeup from &Other Stories as it lasts long, and gives you space for experimenting. Furthermore, in their online store, you can select the products based on the location they were designed, and you can pick between Paris and Stockholm. Super cool, right? J I have so far tried the eye shadows and lipsticks, so check which ones are my favorite. 

    Dreamy eye colors

    I love to experiment with different eyeshadow colors, and &Other Stories offer a lot of beautiful options! I love to combine metallic options, and the Golden Honey Eye Color (€9) is my favorite option during the day. It has high pigment and is long-lasting, and I often combine it with the Stellar Lilac Eye Colour (€9). If, however, you prefer eye color Creams, then this Opal Utopia(€12) with a champagne tone, is the best option for you! It is fast drying, and easy to blend! 


    & Other Stories lipsticks vary from matte, creamy, and sheer lipsticks. My favorite option for a night out is the Brou de Noix Lipstick (€19). It has a beautiful burgundy color and it formulated with Mirabelle plum seed oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. 

    Once you apply it, it can last up to a few hours. It is the perfect choice for a night out. For more shine, apply the Dimity Blush Lip Gloss (€9)



    When ordering online from &Other Stories, keep in mind that shipping costs €5 and it is Free over €140. It takes them between 2-4 days to deliver the items, but it can take longer if it is during high season and sale. You can find out more here

    Enjoy your shopping! 



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    • Liz B Liz B : I have never heard of this brand, but their product look and sounds amazing!
      3 years ago 
    • Una  O Una O : yes, they really are! Great quality, and also affordable! Check their online store: https://www.stories.com/en_eur/index.html
      3 years ago 
    • Mari Mari :

      I have & Other Stories blush and I love their price tag + quality! Wish I could have grabbed more while we were in LA last year. Thank you for sharing!

      1 year ago 
      • Una  O Una O :

        Ahaha totally get you! Every time I go there, there are sooo many nice things, I literally have to force myself not to buy everything! <3 

        1 year ago 
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