Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush Review & Demo

Product details: Dafni Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener , Dafni

Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush Review & Demo

Does the Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush Really Work?! I put the DAFNI to the test and was pleasantly surprised!
Thank you so much to The Shaver Shop and DAFNI for teaming up with me to bring you this video!

You Can Shop here: goo.gl/ckyihs

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Side note.. Do you guys like these "Does It Really Work?" type of videos? I recently did one with the Australis Shade Adjusting Drops:
Leave me some comments down below with products you would like me to try in a video like this!

oxo Crystal

Makeup tutorial:
Nails: Opollac Soy Cap Gel Polish

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