Empties of the month- June 2018

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Empties of the month- June 2018

    I use to keep a Sephora shopping bag and fill it with all the products that run out. When the bag is full, it's time for empties of the month! So here we are!

    These products have run out during June and July (so far). Some lasted longer than others, some were adored and some were not! Let's get closer..

    1. Dove Nourishing Secrets, Restoring Ritual ,Coconut and Almond Oil: I bought this body lotion from a typical drug store, as I was on Easter holidays in my hometown and forgot to bring mine with me . For an easy solution, it worked out well and I kept on using it from time to time. I enjoyed the scent so much, as I adore coconut scents,and plus,it was really moisturizing! The last weeks, I used it as a foot lotion and my skin was so softened, I was so impressed! Highly recommended for girls who don't wanna spend much, but enjoy some nice skin care! I would gladly purchase this again.

    2. Carroten Aquavelvet Moisturizing Suncare Milk SPF30 200ml: this body sunscreen was bought at the end of last summer and lasted all June this current season! I really enjoy the smell of a classic Carroten sunscreen. It always brings childhood, carefree memories! Aquavelvet is a line, launched last summer, introducing us a new technology in sunscreens. It's texture is very light, it's easily absorbed and moisturizes the skin while you enjoy the sun! The only thing I didn't enjoy was the flaking after repeated applications. I had to take a shower and wash the previews layer off, in order to refresh it. I don't think I would purchase again.

    3. Vichy Dermablend Total Body Foundation Light 100ml: I adore this stuff! I start by saying this is a super highly recommended product! It's a body foundation, capable of concealing every possible skin mark. It lasts all day and most importantly it doesn't leave stains on everything you touch and it is waterproof! Sometimes I mix it with my normal foundation for a highly pigmented result on my make up.

    4. Garden of Panthenols Peel-off f Black Mask 75ml: NO. Black masks have a very specific purpose! To remove blackheads! This one is purifying the skin, it provides a very good and deep cleanse , but does not remove blackheads. Plus, the scent of alcohol is very strong and irritates skin as well. I will not purchase again.

    5. Apivita, Face Scrub with olive, Deep Exfoliating: Apivita is a famous Greek skincare brand that offers a variety of natural, cheap and effective products. I am a huge fan and tried out so many products from this company and was never disappointed. This scrub is everything! It's creamy and pealing granules come from olive kernels! You apply it on dry skin and rub gently until your face asborbs the cream. As you rub, you feel a wonderful cold/fresh tinkle on your face, which I truly enjoy. The exfoliation is deep, yet gentle and non irritating. I have already order my next one!

    6. Lierac Sensorielle Huile de Soin Regenerante Aux 3-Fleurs Blaches 100ml: This is a lovely multi-purpose oil from Lierac and can be used on face, body and hair! The scent is floral and contains natural extracts from three white flowers (gardenia, camellia and jasmin). This oil lasted for over 6 months with regular use and is very moisturizing with long lasting scent! Currently, I use the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess body oil (well, it's summer!), but I will definitely buy this one again! Tip: Pour a few drops in your bath. This oil turns a little creamy when you pour it in water and makes the most relaxing and nourishing bath ever!

    7. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense 08 Grandest Grape: I don't know if this product is a multi-purpose one, but I surely used it as it was so! I used it on lips, cheeks and as an eye shadow! I love the cοlour rendering and gentle glow, but didn't like the flavor. Reminded me of the taste of old 90's cosmetics. Apart from that, it was a nice product!

    8. Liposan Stick Care & Colour Rose: I'm so sorry Liposan, but I hated it. Actually it's not even an emptie, it's a lipcare product I can't use. The taste is so bad (old cosmetics), the colour is fake and unnatural, the hydration is medium...a huge no to this one.

    9. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid 05 Fresh Beige 30ml : GLORIOUS! In love with this foundation! Light weighted, perfect for oily skin and fights imperfections by just wearing it! I use Dior Forever Undercover right now, but I will come back for this soon!

    10.  L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Black: Nice one! Low price and rich colour, but other than that, it's an average mascara. I guess there are others with more dramatic effects.

    11. Maybelline Tattoo Brow 3 Day Gel Tint 2 Medium Brown: This product saved me so many times from the boredom of filling my brows! You should leave it at least 2 hours, if you want a long lasting effect. As for the long lasting, it reaches three days tops, but it's better than nothing! Three days of perfectly shaped and full brows is a good deal for me! I already purchased my new one!

    Till next time,


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