Farmacy Honey Halo Moisturizer: The Moisturizing Angel | My Journey to Glowing Skin

Product details: Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

Farmacy Honey Halo Moisturizer: The Moisturizing Angel | My Journey to Glowing Skin

    Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer Review: This is the moisturizer all dry-skin girls need!

    I love NYC, but the weather is driving me crazy now!!! It’s changing constantly, sunny one day, rainy the other and windy the next day! And it has made huge impact on my skin. My skin does not cope well with changing weather, it just gives up! My face had started to feel dry and dull and I desperately needed a pick me up, so of course I went hunting for a new Moisturizer. 

    And there I found this, literally shining with a halo calling me out to try it. So there, I bought it, Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer. It was the packaging that sold me really. It is so cute! I had to have it. But I’ll say this, opening and trying out the moisturizer was EVEN BETTER! 

    It comes in a cute glass jar with a wooden lid and an applier, a metal applier that sticks to the lid! It’s ~ Magnetic ~Literally. I have never seen something so cute and practical. The moisturizer looks rich, creamy and I admit, delicious and smells of honey which I later found out is real beeswax, no artificial scent(I bet it tastes delicious too, I might just try it one of these days). The moisturizer looks and feels heavy when you first take some in your fingers, but when you apply it, melts right into your skin, like smooth butter. 

    I have very dry skin that flakes off in bad weather but my nose gets oily in slightest heat/humidity or even under my mask. So it’s really hard finding a moisturizer that is moisturizing enough, but at the same time doesn’t make my skin crazy oily. And This cream works! The texture of the moisturizer is heavy, creamy and luxurious and yet it doesn’t sit on the skin, doen’t feel heavy on the face at all. It absorbs right into the skin giving an instant plump effect, making the skin look dewy and glowing. I have been using this moisturizer for a month now and I have had zero breakouts, my blemishes have gone away and my skin looks plump and healthy. 

    This is really the best solution for all the dry skin gals, doesn’t matter how dry your skin is (Mine was literally flaking!) this moisturizer will heal your skin. The best part: it stays on all day! Also, it works great as a night cream too. I generally like to put on Laneige’s water sleeping mask at night but trying out Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer as a night cream actually worked better! I woke up with a glowing skin, looking pretty(except for the drool marks LOL). It really makes my mood in the morning.

    Here’s me out and about on a warm sunny day last weekend without any makeup! 

    It works, doesn't it?

    I hadn’t done any research about it before buying it, so I looked up what to find out what I’m putting on my skin. And here are the key ingredients of the Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer:

    • Buckwheat Honey, Propolis and Royal Jelly – It moisturizes, soothes and repairs the skin. This special blend honey gives the skin moisture and tons of antioxidants resulting into healthy, glowing skin.
    • Fig Fruit Extract + Osmolytes- For a smooth and supple looking skin, These ingredients bind and restore moisture to the skin.
    • Potent Ceramide Blend- This blend of plant-based ceramides restores and replenishes the skin barrier.
    • Shea Butter + Vitamin E- To protect, nourish and keep the moisture locked in.
    • panthenol, and bisabolol- To soothe and calm the skin.

      Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer is
      • Paraben-free
      • Sulfate-free
      • Silicone-free
      • Fragrance-free
      • Essential Oil-free
      • Allergen-free
      • Alcohol-free
      • Environment Pollutant-free

    Here are some crucial facts about this brand i.e., Farmacy:

    • Farmacy’s products focuses on a flower Echinacea GreenEnvy which is patented and exclusive to them and it contains 300% more natural antioxidents than the regular Echniacea.
    • Farmacy is an ethical brand who works with local farmers, and believes in being environmentally friendly and working with quality ingredients.
    • Farmacy is a “green” brand, focusing on making their products clean and free of harmful ingrediants like silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic perfume, dyes, phatlates, mineral oils, SLS/SLES, TEA, DEA, DEA, MEA, GMOS and more.

    This definitely puts Farmacy on the map for me, I love to support ethical, clean brands. And with the results I had with the Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer, I will be sure to try out Farmacy's other products too. Have you tried any? Let me know in the comments!

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    • Martina F Martina F :

      I have dry skin too, and It is always difficult for me to find the right hydrating moisturizer! Thanks! I will try this product... seems very good!     

      3 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Wow, I've never heard or seen anything related to this brand. Like to discover such gems! Thank for this explicit review, I'm gonna check If it is available in my country  

      3 years ago 
    • Dana P Dana P :

      That packaging is so cute!! I've been looking for a new moisturizer so I'm definitely gonna try this out!

      3 years ago 
    • Marcela I Marcela I :

      Dry skin club also hehe, I implement honey products in my skincare more during winter time :D

      3 years ago 
      • Kashish P Kashish P :

        Yess I love honey too! But the best part about this one is that their honey is derived from their own patented Echinacea which has 300% more antioxidants than the regular Echinacea flower. A honey you can’t get anywhere else! 

        3 years ago 
    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      I would buy this simply for the packaging haha! But your skin looks amazing!! I Will def have to try to help out Boston weather-related dry skin.

      3 years ago 
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