Fresh and clean in Prada!

Product details: Prada Infusion D'Iris Body Lotion 250ml

Fresh and clean in Prada!

    A perfumer told me once that people perceive cleanliness within two smells. Either within the smell of citrus or the smell of soap and baby powder.

    Well, Prada created an amazing line of products that can satisfy both preferations. The Prada Infusion D' Iris line is made for people like me! I love everything that smell clean, pure and fresh. I feel very confident when I wear perfumes or lotions that smell like I just got out of my shower.

    Prada' s official website presented Infusion D' Iris with the following lines and I couldn't agree more:
    "This fragrance is an invitation to dream, a trip to Italy, an atmosphere, the fresh smell of crumpled sheets of linen and bare skin. A fragrance made up of familiar smells, natural oils and high quality extracts that reveal its identity through a contrast between intense freshness, apparent lightness and a tender, sensual and powerful veil."

    I currently use the body lotion of this line, which has such a strong and longlasting scent that I don't need to wear the eau de parfum. It hydrates beautifully and leaves my skin smelling soapy and fresh for up to 4-5 hours (yes, this is an actual time, at least on my skin). You will need only a small amount to apply all over your body, so I believe it can last for quite a long time.

    If you are a fan of "fresh and clean" kind of scents, I think you should give this a try!

    Till next time,


    Mary Jolene

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