Last Month’s Favorites: April

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Last Month’s Favorites: April

    April came and went with the speed of a hurricane, lots of things to be done, lots of places to see, Easter and family gatherings, ink and rain, fun and Game of Thrones. As always spring brought a new vibe of energy, so let’s see what went on my list of favorites.

    Probably one of the most expected series of all times, Game of Thrones, finally started with the last season, so you can imagine the hard time trying not to see any spoilers, especially since it will air during Romania nighttime, so I would only get to see it the next day, when Facebook already has all the articles with what happened. Luckily until now, the spoilers didn’t ruin my fun, looking forward to the last episodes, yes I am very behind, but I will go through the last ones.

    About the trip to Puglia area, Italy, I will dedicate an entire post, but since there was something that caught my eyes while I was there, I have to brag about the Carpisa backpack that I got. Even if I wanted to resist buying another bag, I just couldn’t do it, so here I am now owning this red and cute item. And while I am on the topic of bags, I also got one as a birthday gift, so cannot help but add it too. Even for a little while, I am trying to stay away from shopping in the bags department and, hopefully, get more accustomed to the idea of minimalism.

    Speaking of birthday gifts, the best ones are those given by yourself, so for my 29th birthday, I have put a tattoo on my right wrist, overcoming one of my biggest fears. More about the meaning and reasons you can find here. Possibly one in the series of more, I am more than happy and proud of the 3 swallows that are inked on my head.


    In the books department, I will add one that I have owned for a few years, and that I love to re-read every time I feel like things are going my way. Why Your Life Sucks: And What You Can Do About It by Alan H. Cohen starts from the same idea as The Secret, but offers a perspective given through the real-life story’s. At least for me, it works wonders on my moral and decreases the level of stress that I get from my 9 to 6 job. Easy to read, the book is divided into 10 chapters and in each of them, the author will talk about ways you screw your life and how you can work to improve. This might be the 3rd time I am reading it, and even now I am seeing other meaning and I am learning from it, so if you are looking for a personal development book to get you of the blues, this is my recommendation for you.


    With spring anding the new energy, I started to document more about the minimalist idea, about how we can break the rat race and stop wasting our resources on things that don’t truly matter. While I am still at the begging I will link the Netflix documentary that I recommend here. Also if you are looking for ideas about outfits made from capsule item for spring, this Pinterest board might help. I am not saying that I will give up shopping or start throwing away all my items, but I do want to move towards a more responsible buying manner since I know I do have a shopping addiction.

    Spring is officially here, and even if in Cluj it was up to a rainy start, I am looking forward to the new adventure that has yet to bring. How was your April?

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