Last Month’s Favorites: March

Product details: L’ORÉAL PARIS, Maybelline concealer and foundation, Michael Kors, Furla

Last Month’s Favorites: March

    March, one of my favorite months of the year, partially because of my birthday, but mostly because is the first month of Spring, my favorite season. The sunny mornings when the sky is so blue that it hurts to look at it, make me want to be active and do stuff all the time. The terraces are once again open and ready for customers. Another good reason to love spring is that is time to say goodbye to the winter clothes and say hello to the light and stylish ones. So here is the list of favorites from March! 


    Even if I had so many items on the list to shop for in the US, due to the severe cold, I wasn’t in a shape where I could wander around the shops, yet there are some things that caught my attention. First ones would be the drugstore make-up that I brought: Maybelline concealer and foundation, I’ve been a fan of the light texture and the way it’s distributed on the face, another plus one goes for the sponge, you don’t have to carry an extra one when traveling since it’s built in. Also from Target, I brought one of the mascaras that I have been using for years now: the L’ORÉAL PARIS duo mascara, if in this case, the opinions differ from one person to another, for me its the perfect fit.


    Not really a big fan of the Michael Kors anything, but I have to say that while I was in the store found in the Fashion Outlet Mall, I found a pink one that stole my heart and, since I was at a bargain price of only 81$, I swiped the card and took it home with me. Possibly the only item that I needed was a wallet, I have looked for a perfect, black one in most of the stores and I ended up buying one also from Michael Kors for 50$. After these 2 purchases from him, I might not be allowed to say that I don’t really like the designer.


    Since denim is going to be everywhere this season, I thought is time to buy a denim jacket once more. I used to love them’ when I was in high-school and putting it on takes me back to late 2000. Therefore I got one that fits me perfectly from TJMax and I am dying for the weather to be on my side so that I can wear it.


    Don’t know if you already noticed or not, but I am a bit of a “bagaholic” and therefore I couldn’t walk away from a pretty Furla when I saw it on sale on a local website. Therefore the second pink bag arrived in my closet a few days after I got home from the US. Now I am really looking forward to the summer for me to wear them with dresses.


    No month without books, so I have to brag about the new additions to my library: Becoming Michelle Obama and the first 2 books from After series were written by Anna Todd. Since my books to read queue got a little too big, I will have to pause the addition of any new books for at least a few months.


    With so many things happening I felt like March passed in a second, while in Romania the weather did show signs of Spring, in Chicago, Malmo and Copenhagen it didn’t, but even so, I am very grateful for what my birth-month brought and I can only wait for sun to shine and for me to enjoy this month’s favorites. What did you love about March?

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