Last Month’s Favorites: November 2018

Product details: Macbook Pro, Coccinelle bag, Mango gloves, H&M sweater

Last Month’s Favorites: November 2018

    What better way to approach the end of the year than with a new series of articles related to the things I liked the most from the past month. Please note that the items are chosen based on my personal taste and that I wasn’t in any way payed to advertise them. So let’s get started!

    In the second day of November the items that I wanted for a long time but I kept on waiting for the best price to get it. Ever since September I had my eyes set on a blue Coccinelle leather bag, but I waited until the deal was sealed with my (new) apartment to finally press the Add to Cart and Pay buttons. The order was delivered really fast and in a single day I got to have the precious little item. Even if at first I was a bit disappointed by the size, when I put it next to my body I realized that it is actually pretty nice in this petite version. The final price that I paid for it was 125 euros, a great price for the Italian brand. 

    Since I was placing a new order I thought I could also add a pair of black leather gloves that I’ve been wanting to get for the winter season that is almost here. At first I went for a pair of Ted Baker ones, but since they didn’t had my size, I fell for a pair of gloves from Mango. I’ve had 2 leather jackets from them, one wasn’t as great as I would have hoped, but one I still have and love for over 4 years now, so it was a bit of a lottery with the material there, but I have to say I love the soft leather of the gloves. I will have to wait and see how these will behave when worn but what I’ve seen and felt this far looks great. The final price for them was around 17 euros, a bargain from my perspective.

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