Mischief Managed!

Product details: Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream, Lush Cosmetics

Mischief Managed!

    Hi girls! Autumn is officially here and I couldn't resist some nice, warm and earthy body care treats! 

    Lord of Misrule came to us as a seasonal product for Halloween, but turned to be one of the most beloved scents of all time for many lushies. Unfortunately, we can find it only this time of the year in stores, but it's a web exclusive on Lush UK website all year long! 

    This wonderful shower cream has a lovely blend of earthy patchouli oil, spicy black pepper oil and sweet vanilla. The final result of this combination is a feminine, sexy, warm and mysterious aroma that lingers on the skin for quite long. As a cream and not gel, it provides moisture during the shower with its rich and thick texture. The organic wheatgerm oil soothes the skin and locks in the moisture. Lord of Misrule comes in various sizes and you can find all of them on uk.lush.com ! I chose the bottle of 250 ml .

    I love this classic shower gel/ cream Lush packaging and I adore the inspired names given to the products. This way they have their own personality and uniqueness! It is also so fun and helpful for us customers to choose the right one for our needs and of course our lushmood! 

    I see Lush products from a therapeutic point of view.  Lush scents are working wonders on my mood and psychology. Every product has its own benefits and creates an atmosphere. Lord Of Misrule is the perfect scent for me to feel rejuvenated, warm and full of life during cold days. It brightens my mood and makes me feel appealing and spicy scented. So, I use Lush products for aromatherapy as well!

    Girls, I admit I'm addicted to the scent and open the bottle randomly during the day just to sniff it! Also, I adore the vibrant green color and think it's lovely for the spooky and mischievous spirit of Halloween! Furthermore, Lord Of Misrule comes in a bath bomb as well, for extra fun, moisture and amazing (once again!) aroma in your bath! Lush Kitchen also released 10 web exclusive body lotions with the most beloved scents of all time from Lush! Guess which one was the first sold out!

    If you are a fan of Lord Of Misrule's scent, you can try some other products who shares the same aroma! The Rough With the Smooth scrub bar and Monsters and Aliens Fun will generously give you their sweet and spicy scent all year long. 

    I highly recommend you this product for fall and winter and I strongly believe that once you try it, you will become addicted! 

    Thank you for reading another review,


    Mary Jolene

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    • Julia M Julia M : Uhh I love the color and the creamy texture! I don't like using shower gels in winter, and this creamy and spicy shower cream looks very tempting. Especially, I love Lush and their concept! Thank you for your review! xx Julia
      4 years ago 
      • Mary R Mary R : It's very tempting indeed! I think you will enjoy it very much during cold days. It's great in shower and even better for a hot bath!
        4 years ago 
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