My sunblock loves the sun!

Product details: Vichy Ideal Soleil Fresh Hydrating Milk SPF50+ 300ml

My sunblock loves the sun!

    This summer I decided to use the highest UVA, UVB protection available on my body as well. I always use high protection sunscreens on my face, but avoided them on my body because I wanted a nice tan! This year I thought to myself " maybe you'll get less tanned, but your health comes first".  Apart from health, sun affects skin on matters of premature aging. A dermatologist told me recently that 80% of wrinkles (both on face and body) are actually photo-aging results! I was socked... Anyway, for all these reasons I decided to use a 50 SPF sunscreen!

     As I was searching for a suitable product online, I read some good reviews on this hydrating body milk. The reasons I bought it were that it can be used both on face and body, comes in a large tube of 300 ml and is hypoallergenic (parabens free as well!). 

    I'm on the second month of use. At first I was cautious about using it on my face, as my skin is oily and thought this might clog my pores. Not even close. It is so friendly to my face complexion and absorbs within seconds! Guess you are familiar with the feeling of sunbathing and feeling your face burning like crazy.. It was the first time that I actually was facing the sun and didn't feel like being roasted. So, as for the protection, I was super satisfied. Of course you should apply regularly. 

    Now, as for the tan! I had the less "sea time" ever this year. I went to the beach about 8- 10 times the whole summer. And I live in Greece! So this is pretty unacceptable to happen! Anyway... According to the "not so much time spent on the beach" thing, I got a sweet, sterile tan that actually lasted for quite long. High protection sunscreens will not provide this exotic, dark brown kind of tan, but will last longer (even if you pause your visits to the beach for a while), and of course your skin will not be burned and damaged. Of course, the way you want to protect and condition your skin, as well as the way you feel comfortable (super tanned, medium tanned or no tanned) is a matter of personal perspective and preference! 

    My opinion for this product is that is super affordable, lasts more than a season and is perfect for families as well. It is really moisturizing, protects from photo- aging, freckles and sunburn. Also, it is fragrance free! 

    Thank you for reading another review!


    Mary Jolene

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