Polly Pocket Makeup

Product details: Polly Pocket eye palette Polly Pocket lip palette

Polly Pocket Makeup

    I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I used to be with Polly Pockets. I remember year on my birthday, all I got were Polly Pockets and I was in absolute heaven! So when I heard that Hot Topic is celebrating the iconic miniature doll's 30th birthday (ya, you heard me right, 30!) I had to jump right on that cause, well, I'm turning 30 this year too and if Polly can do it, I guess I can too. 

    Polly Pocket Lip Palette - https://goo.gl/2nacP8 

    Polly Pocket Eyeshadow Palette - https://goo.gl/WAV3WM 

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