Ponds BB Cream - 01 Original

Product details: Ponds BB Cream - 01 Original

Ponds BB Cream - 01 Original

    Finding a good BB cream for oily and acne prone skin is literally like hitting gold! The oily and acne prone skin, struggles are many, and a good BB cream is just one of them! Ponds BB Cream - 01 Original is my current favourite BB cream and I am going to talk a bit about how it is good for my skin.

    A few things on why Ponds BB cream is my favourite

    No sweat Formula - I sweat a lot in summers, or to be specific my face sweats a lot. The best thing about Pond's BB cream is that it doesn't even sweat upon immediate application or some hours. Any sun protecting cream or lotion if it sweats the sun protecting agents in them become less or zero effective. Pond's BB cream has absolutely nailed the formula with a sweat proof SPF 30 which offers light coverage plus sun protection.

    Natural looking glow - Now coming to the claim of brand regarding colour matching to the skin tone while giving a natural glow. This holds very true in case of the shade 01 Original for my fair to medium skin tone. The product gives a medium coverage but acne marks look ashy. But it definitely conceals the pores on the nose and the face. However the product might look ashy on the pigmented areas or dark acne marks.

    Non comedogenic - The cream absolutely doesn't clog pores or give any bumps post usage or with daily usage. My skin is oily and acne prone and this BB cream perfectly suits my skin. I like how it gives me an even toned skin while not giving me any acne. I always apply this BB cream over a light weight moisturizer or sometimes I even skip using a moisturizer beneath it and it perfectly works in both the cases. However after talking about so many good things of the product I have mentioned some negative points of the product below in 'The Out' section

    The In

    Gives a natural glow to the skin while giving an even skin tone

    Blends and spreads easily across the face

    Alcohol Free Formula

    Instant spot coverage of light acne marks

    Has SPF 30 for sun protection

    Non comedogenic Formula

    Light texture which blends easily into the skin

    Non oily or non sticky texture

    Doesn't make the skin oily or greasy after immediate application or even after several hours

    Doesn't make me sweat at all

    Dermatologist tested

    Can be used on daily basis

    Very affordable BB cream

    Travel friendly, stylish and super sleek packaging

    Gets absorbed into the skin nicely after some hours without causing any problem

    The Out

    More than two shades should be available to cater to all skin tones

    Dry skin will need a moisturizer beneath the BB cream

    Contains silicone

    Not fungal acne safe

    Gives ashy look to the dark acne marks and pigmentation

    Pond's is a not cruelty free brand

    Ponds BB Cream Review - 01 Original

    I would suggest you to try the Pond's BB cream once, they have very small tube available. The light to medium coverage it offers with a sweat proof and non comedogenic formula is amazing. The cream blends in very easily without the help of any cosmetic tool and this makes the product worth an investment. The product is affordable, easily available and apt for daily use. However if you are into non cruelty free products or brand then this is not a good option as Pond's is not a cruelty free.

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    • Una  O Una O :

      Never tried this product, but will definitely check it out now! Since I switched to BB creams, I feel like I'M discovering a new world!! (always used foundation before :D) 

      3 years ago 
    • Hazel G Hazel G :

      The outs put me off a bit, but I am still curious to try this one out! Thank you for such an extensive review!  

      2 years ago 
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