REVIEW: Natura Siberica, Dr. Konopka's skincare products!

Product details: Natura Siberica, Dr. Konopka's

REVIEW: Natura Siberica, Dr. Konopka's skincare products!

    I discovered them few months ago and I'm obsessed! Not only they have COSMOS NATURAL and Vegan certifications, but they are also super cheap and amazing for my skin!

    I'm starting with the Face Balancing Toner with lavender extract. I was looking for an oil control tonic lotion, as my skin goes pretty much oil on the T- zone. I happened to see this product on an e-shop and decided to give it a try. This toner is suitable for normal to oily skin types and is up to 98,9% organic. The main ingredients are lavender essential oil as well as sage extract. It smells like lavender, but the scent goes away few minutes after the use and the consistency is very watery. What I do is to cleanse my skin first with a face wash, then pour 4-5 drops of this toner on a cotton pad and gently tap onto dry skin. I give it a minute to absorb and continue my skincare routine.

    After a month of use, I can say that this product minimizes the sensation of oiliness and gives my skin a smooth and refreshing feeling. I love the lavender scent (and I'm glad that it's not too strong). It prepares my skin perfectly for the serum and I feel that even under my day cream it's doing a pretty good job! Usually I get oily 2 hours after my skincare routine and now it gets me through 4-5 hours of perfect matte (yet glowy) skin! It comes in a 200 ml packaging and currently costs 5,17 euros (which is totally insane for the quality this product offers)!!SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Moving forward!

    The next product I loved by Dr Konopka's skincare line is the Smoothing Face Serum. I was looking for a product to fight imperfections and uneven skin tone, since my acne breakouts leave their marks from time to time! This product is based on wheat essential oil and vitamin E. It has no scent actually, but I use it right after the lavender toner so I smell great anyway :P ! It's also watery and a little sticky when it starts to dry, but this feeling goes away literally within a minute. I think more or less all serums leave a similar sticky sensation for a moment. Anyway! It comes in a 30 ml glass bottle and you apply it right after the toner with it's glass dropper. I usually need 4 drops (forehead, cheeks, chin and neck). Now you need to be quick and give your face a nice massage, as this serum absorbs before you even notice! It currently costs 5,77 euros (oh yaaassss)!

    After a month of use as well, I have to say that this is a pretty decent serum, great for young skin and I noticed that it provides a blurring effect to the complexion. It really soothes the skin and mattifies it. As for the rejuvenating benefits, I didn't noticed any dramatic differences, but a month may not be enough for such effects! Generally, it left me with a good impression!

    Last but surely not least, the Regenerating Eye Cream! I LOVE THIS STUFF! This eye cream is full of vitamins and is based on pure angelica extract, known for it's anti-aging benefits. It has a rich texture, smells like chamomile and leaves you with a relaxing, soothing sensation. My eyes are very sensitive and I often suffer from dryness on this area, so I needed a cream to cool this feeling down. Also, since I'm 25, I needed to start using an anti- aging product to avoid lines around my eyes. I am very very satisfied so far and I'm definitely gonna purchase again! It comes in a 20 ml tube and currently costs 3,91 euros! Apply morning and night ;)

    Thank you so much for reading this review and hope you enjoyed it!


    Mary Jolene

    • photo credits : Mary Raptopoulou

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    • Lynetta D Lynetta D : Konopkas balancing toner made my sarong fall apart after it dripped down!! My best sarong and couldn't believe it till I tested it again!!
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