REVIEW: Scrubee Body Butter by Lush Cosmetics

Product details: Scrubee Body Butter by Lush Cosmetics

REVIEW: Scrubee Body Butter by Lush Cosmetics

    My lovely fashion potluckers,

     I really missed reviewing for you this month! I was a little late to make a new post as many unexpected things happened and I was really busy, but thankfully I made it through and I'm back with a perfect product for the upcoming season.

    I've mentioned on a previous post that Rub Rub Rub from Lush is my absolutely favorite body scrub for hot months. It's refreshing, cooling and provides a perfectly exfoliated skin. We may have said goodbye to our sun kissed skin but not to exfoliation! Autumn and winter weather can cause excessive dryness so a nourishing, gentle and effective skin buffer is all we need to make dead skin cells go away. 

    Scrubee made it's first appearance as a Mother's day limited edition product, but became a permanent on popular demand. This little cutie has an enormous fanbase on Lush community and I'm sure that once you try it you'll know why! It belongs to the Honey scent family, which is so sweet and familiar to most of us that makes it hard to dislike. To me the scent is a mix of honey, chocolate and vanilla. Smells totally like a desert and I try hard not to eat it. As you can see, it is a naked product which makes it eco- friendly, but it’s not vegan as it contains organic English honey.  

    You may think that due to the amount of oils and butters in this product, it might be unsuitable for oily skin. I am an oily skin type but shaving, cold weather and fabric irritations make my skin craving for extra care. To me Scrubee makes you oily in a good way! I feel my skin beautifully conditioned, perfectly pampered and no stretchy. The hydrating factors absorb easily and the scent lasts for the whole day! I believe it’s a product that can make any skin type happy!

    It's the second time I purchase this palm- sized bumblebee and I think it has really grown on me to a winter classic! Fully packed with nourishing organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, ground almonds and coconut shells, Scrubee takes exfoliation to a whole new level. It's an exfoliant and a body butter at the same time! If you’re lazy like me, but still want to maintain a good looking skin, this is the product for you. 

    How to use: 

    • Take your shower as usual. I highly recommend using It’s Raining Men shower gel  (and don’t hesitate to sing the song as well !) as it is very hydrating and shares the same scent with Scrubee. 
    • Pour some warm to hot water on the product and then apply all over on wet skin.
    • Use the exfoliating side first and then the soft one to hydrate your skin.
    • Remove excess product with warm water and you’re done!

    How to store:

    Those who are familiar with naked products can understand that going plastic free can be messy! Thankfully, Scrubee is not melting away easily, so you have less mess and product loss in comparison to other Lush products such as soaps or sugar scrub bars. However, I recommend taking care of your bee by storing it into a soap case and not on some random spot near the tub. If you follow this little piece of advice, this is a value for money product that goes a long way!

    Now, how cool is to get out of the shower with the softest skin and ready to get dressed? You tell me!

    * I don't claim any copyright on the pictures.

    Thank you for reading my reviews and for all your lovely comments and messages on my posts! Your constant support and the trust you put on my reviews always put a huge smile on my face!


    Mary J.

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