Shein online shopping experience- Review

Product details: Clothes and Shoes

Shein online shopping experience- Review

    SHEIN is an online shopping platform that has Great Styles & Low Prices, Online Chic Clothing For Women. Shein is originated from China and now they deliver all over the world. Quarantine made me online shop a lot and that's when I discovered Shein products online and decided to give it a try. To be honest I ordered few hundred dollars worth of clothes in these last few months and I still have so many saved in my cart as well. I have also posted some pictures of me in Shein wear. So let's break out the points that makes the person go back on this particular platform.

    The Products

    Shein have so many different categories of clothes which also has a lot of variety. I personally love to shop for sandals, heels, tops, shorts and dresses. I personally, don't like to shop pants online as the length is unpredictable and not suitable for my height. Although I say I don't like shopping for pants online, somehow I can't resist myself from buying them as they are very chic and classy.

    The products are categorized as:

    NEW IN - New products that have just been introduced.

    #SHEINathome- Lingerie and Lounge wear

     FW2020-  Seasonal wear ( Fall Fashion Week 2020)

    CLOTHING- All the categories ( Outwear, Bottoms, Jumpsuits, Swimwear, Formals, etc.)

    DRESSES- Trend, Length, Style, Color, Occasion.

    TOPS- Tees, Sweaters, Blouses, Sweatshirts, outwear

    SHOES & ACCS- All Shoes, Electronics, Stationary, Accessories, Jewelry

    HOME- Home Decor and Essentials 

    SALE- Special offers

    EXPLORE- Influencers review, look book, style gallery and much more.

    The products are also categorized as Women Curve Plus, Men, Kids, Beauty.

    The Price

    Shein is actually well known for its great deals and special offers everyday. The prices are affordable and the quality of the clothes makes it worth it. Even though the prices are cost-effective, they still have premium pricing on the 'New In' products as they have been just introduced. The prices range from below $5 to $150 in all the categories especially the dress and home decor section. However, there are actually great items in flash sale items which lasts only for a day on selected items. The Shein brand itself gained popularity because of its economical price. Also, there are minimum delivery charges if we shop below $49 but trust me, if you shop from Shein, you will definitely buy at least 10 items and it may happen that it only costed you 50 bucks. 

    The Quality and Style

    As I said before, Shein is popular because of its prices. But that doesn't mean that their quality is not worth it. Well, it is actually worth the price. If you buy a $5 dollar tee and it lasts for one year, or at least 6 months, isn't it worth it? I would definitely say yes! I would rather spend less money on clothes that lasts for few months rather than spending a lot and keeping it forever ( from a student perspective of course). Also, the style which they have is definitely on point, trending, classy, and in vogue.


    Here is the picture of me and my roommates in Shein Clothes. :))

    My 24th Birthday Jumpsuit :)

    My daytime outwear and sandals from Shein. :)

    Final Review

    The overall online experience of shopping on Shein was time consuming as it had so many products and I was completely overwhelmed and indecisive of what I should buy. But was it worth it? Well definitely!..The pictures of me in clothes and shoes bought from Shein speaks for itself.

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