SmashBox Makeup Primer – How To Choose The Right Primer, Benefits, Tips, & Types

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SmashBox Makeup Primer – How To Choose The Right Primer, Benefits, Tips, & Types

    Let’s start with the basics- What is a makeup primer and why do we need to use it?

    As all of you already know, the makeup primer is the base layer that prepares your face for your daily makeup. It is usually applied after your daily face cream and before your foundation or BB/CC cream. 

    And in this sense, if you are looking for the right moisturizer, check out my First Aid Beauty moisturizing creme review. You can check out FAB's cool Skin Finder tool, along with my tips for finding the right misturizing products for you. However, for all those who fancy luxurious beauty products, Una has made a nice comparison of 5 high-end moisturizers.

    But what exactly is the purpose of the makeup primer?

    It is the starting layer of your makeup. It prepares your skin for the foundation layer so that you can achieve a flawless look every day. It helps for smoother and easier application of the foundation. The basic purpose of the makeup primer is to fill in the fine lines and make your face texture even- just like a blank canvas ready for you to start your next art project. There are different types of primers depending on the type of your skin and its needs. 


    An innovative formula that uses light reflecting technology to create a soft-focus effect that helps cover any flaws. 

    Color- Correcting

    A rainbow-shaded corrector that erases imperfections by the concept of the color wheel- shades on the opposite side of the wheel cancel each other to create a perfect look. There are different colors- green (redness), pink (tiredness), and blue (sallow tones).


    These are primers that protect against UV damage and repair with beneficial ingredients that improve your skin texture and tone. 


    This is a very efficient way to get this natural skin glow and make your makeup flawlessly natural. It will add some dimensions to your skin color after the application of the foundation. It is also possible to use it without any foundation on top for a completely natural look. 

    ! Have in mind that it doesn’t cover any imperfections, so if needed you have to use foundation or BB/CC cream on top.  


    If you want to minimize your pores for a flawless look, this primer is the right one for you. It blurs the pores to make them less noticeable underneath your foundation layer. It is ideal for oily skin because it also mattifies so you don’t have to worry about having a shiny face. 


    This ideal for oily skin! It gives you this blurred, filtered effect. 


    This one is ideal for dry skin! Dry skin can be quite a challenge for foundation application as it gives a flaky look.  It is usually enriched with Vitamins and beneficial, nourishing ingredients to make your skin smooth and hydrated.

    Tired face correction

    This primer is working for you fresh and natural look. If you are one of those independent strong working women and you lack sleep, this is the product you need. It nourishes your skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.

    Eye primer

    It ensures your eye makeup stays on point for the whole day without fading or smudging. It is the perfect solution for greasy eyelids as it creates a base layer that fixes your eyeshadows on place.

    How to apply primer in the right way?

    Tip1: Always apply moisturizer before the primer layer!

    ! Make sure your primer is compatible with foundation so that the two products don’t separate from each other.

    Tip2: Wait a couple of minutes before applying the primer. Let your skin absorb the moisturizer well. The same applies to the primer. Allow it to set for a couple of minutes and then go ahead and apply the foundation.

    ! If you apply the primer with your fingertips, don’t forget to wash your hands first to avoid sticking any bacteria on your face.

    Tip3: Start from the center of the face and then go to the sides so that you spread the primer evenly and make a light layer.

    Tip4: It is better to apply it with your fingertips or a sponge. 

    Tip5: The eye primer application is best with a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingertips. The layer should be thin so that it can be absorbed well. 

    Tip6: When applying the eye primer, start from the lash line with quick tapping movements and slowly go to the brows. You can also use it on your brows to make your eyebrow product last longer. 

    Smashbox Primers:

    foundation primer.png

    • Photo finish Foundation primer- $36 Smashbox

    primer water.png

    • Photo finish Primer Water- $32 Smashbox

    pore minimizing primer.png

    • Photo finish Pore Minimizing primer- $39 Smashbox


    redness primer.png

    • Photo finish Reduce Redness primer- $39 Smashbox

    primer finder4.png

    • Photo finish Radiance primer- $39 Smashbox

    primer oil.png

    light primer.png

    • Photo finish Foundation primer Light- $36 Smashbox

    primer stick.png

    • Photo finish Mattify primer stick- $32 Smashbox

    even tone primer.png

    • Photo finish Even Skintone primer- $39 Smashbox

    SPF primer.png

    • Photo finish Protect SPF20 primer- $42 Smashbox

    h acid primer.png

    • BCA Radiance with Hyaluronic Acid primer- $39 Smashbox

    But how to find the right Smashbox primer for you?

    As there are so many different types of primers that you can choose from, it might be difficult to choose the right one for you. However, Smashbox has their very own primer finder tool that can easily find the right primer for you depending on the type of your skin and its needs. 

    So let’s start!

    Step 1:

    What results would you want to achieve?

    primer finder.png

    Step 2:

    What type of skin do you have?

    primer finder2.png

    Step 3:

    What problems would you like to fix?

    primer finder3.png

    Step 4:

    And voila! You have your personal primer. 

    primer finder5.png

    That was easy!   

    Now that you already have the right primer to fit your skin, make sure to stick to the application tips above to achieve this perfect look you’ve always wanted!   

    Makeup primer and its benefits

    Many women think that the makeup primer is not really necessary. That’s what the face cream is for, right? No! The face cream is there to hydrate and condition your skin. The makeup primer is the base for your makeup. It is the missing piece that smoothes and evens your skin for perfect results. I found the right primer for me- Photo finish Radiance. I really like the way it fits my skin and adds this natural glow that my skin needs to look bright and healthy. 

    Are you ready to find the right one for you and rock your flawless look?!   



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