Tattoo Liner Kat Von D - Reviews, Tips, Types, and Comparisons

Product details: Kat Von D Tattoo Liners

Tattoo Liner Kat Von D - Reviews, Tips, Types, and Comparisons

    For some of us, eyeliner is a big part of their makeup routine. For me, however, it’s always been difficult to find the right one, especially when it comes to coverage and long-lasting effect. I’ve used a few brands but I was never satisfied by the result- at the end of the working day, the eyeliner was already smudged and even half gone sometimes. But then I found the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D and I fell in love with it. 

    For those who don’t know about it..

    There are 3 different types of tattoo liners by Kat Von D:

    •  Dagger Tattoo Liner

    As you can imagine from the name, the applicator has a specific form designed to fit the shape of the eye more easily. It is ideal for cat eye look because of the angled tip of the brush (30-degree edge). If you fancy a winged eyeliner look, there is no need to say how much effort it takes to get the perfect winged eye. It’s found in one single color- Trooper Black.  It is also important to mention that it is above all 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.

    • Tattoo Liner 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free

    This is the original Tattoo Liner Pen with the award-winning highly pigmented and long-lasting (24-hour) formula. The brush tip glides across the lid in a silky, smooth and precise way. It is designed for a much easier and fine line application. You can choose from a rich chocolate brown shade (Mad Max Brown) and a satin black shade (Trooper Black). It is also 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. And last but not least, the Tattoo Liner pen is chosen for the 2018 Readers’ Choice award of the beauty expert Allure winner!

    • Tattoo Liner Duo

    This is a great travel-friendly kit, consisting of the Dagger Tattoo Liner and the original Tattoo Liner. They are both highly pigmented and waterproof long-lasting

    And for all those of you who also struggled with the liner application, I’ve found helpful tips for application.

    Tip1: Orient the highest point of the tip downward. Then pay attention to where you’re placing the brush to have the line exactly where you want it to be.

    Tip2: In case your eyeliner pen feels a bit dry, wipe the bristles of the brush with a wet wipe to clean it from the eyeshadow layer that’s built up there. This also assures a longer life of your eyeliner pen!

    Tip3: When applying the Dagger Tattoo Liner, use very light pressure for fine and precise lines. Add more pressure for thicker, bolder lines.

    Where to buy and prices?

    Interesting fact:

     The Tattoo Liner became viral with an online review stating that the Kat Von D liner lasted even through a car accident without a single smudge. There’s nothing more to say! This product is an invincible true piece of art. 

    Here are some product reviews that I like because they also show Demo of the application process so you can get quite a good idea of how the different brushes work.

    Tattoo liner

    Video review

    Dagger Tattoo liner

    Video review 

    I am going to go ahead and compare the Kat Von D Tattoo liners to my favorite eyeliners so far:

    Compared to my favorite brands, the Kat Von D Tattoo Liners are much easier and requires much less effort for application because of the brush shapes. And it is definitely more long-lasting. It doesn’t get smudged and I there is no sign of the annoying line that I usually get with all the other liners that I’ve used so far right where my crease is. On the other hand, it is quite expensive compared to my favorites that I’ve already got used to. I really love it! However, I think it would be of great use especially to beginners because you don’t really have much space for mistakes thanks to the brush shapes.

    And what are your thoughts about the Kat Von D Tattoo Liners?



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    • Julie D Julie D : This is fabulous! I have always wanted to know how to create this look. Will check out the winning eyeliner.
      2 weeks ago 
      • Petya I Petya I : Yes I was really excited when I found out about it so I decided to share it. :)
        2 weeks ago 
    • Sarah W Sarah W : I love her makeup products, and this one sounds great!
      2 weeks ago 
      • Petya I Petya I : It really is! Although I am used to a bit less expensive brands like NYX and Maybelline, I really love this one. 😍
        2 weeks ago 
    • Luci C Luci C : I too have a hard time finding the right eyeliner. My favorite is an oldie but goodie, Maybelline.
      2 weeks ago 
      • Petya I Petya I : I did struggle a lot before finding a good option for me. I also fancy the Maybelline liners. I am using the Curvitude Liner now. :)
        2 weeks ago 
    • Alyssa . Alyssa . : Never used any of Kat Von D's stuff but I've only heard good things about it! Thanks for sharing your review! I always read reviews before buying products! Alyssa // nine-threezero.com
      2 weeks ago 
      • Petya I Petya I : It's great to hear that Alyssa! I also didn't use any of Kat Von D's beauty products till now. I am excited about her liquid lipsticks though, so I think I'm going to try them out also. :)
        2 weeks ago 
    • Everyday H Everyday H : This is great you should see me try doing a winged liner, you would laugh till the end of time. I look like a habe a black eye, I guess practice makes perfect.
      2 weeks ago 
      • Petya I Petya I : I know right?! It was also a struggle for me at first but with time and practice it became better and better. Don't give up on it and you won't regret it! :)
        2 weeks ago 

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